No one knows when the End will come?

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Is the Corona Virus a sign of the End.
In reply to your article by Lionel Hanaghan, then my response to Lionel – No one knows when the End will come.

Reply – Lionel Hanaghan – May 22, 2020 at 2:52 am

Yes, Our Lord did say, “It is not for you to look at dates and times” at the Ascension but that was only to call the disciples to look to heavenly truths and not the earthly (Israel) kingdom. In the gospels he gives apocalyptic warnings in great detail and says, “I have told you these things in advance”. He did that for a reason: that it’s something that we should consider as major doctrine of our faith. I personally find it inspiring that Jesus has the power to bring all things to an end and for right and wrong to be finally revealed – I just try to stay on the right side! I think the author has missed the point about the current stirrings about the “end time”: it is nothing to do with coronavirus (that’s just another plague); it is about the smoke of Satan entering the higher parts of the Church. Consider the German synod (‘There’s no difference between man and woman’, etc, etc) and all the enormous scandals that are ‘testing the faithful’. I think it’s perfectly legitimate response to wonder about the end times and renew our efforts to be “on the watch”.

    Joseph B. D. Saraceno
    May 31, 2020 at 1:28 pm
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    Good show Lionel:
    The main signs of the Second Coming of Christ is what happens in the Church. The new heretical Bible’s new protestant Sacraments. The horrific weather conditions are a reflection of the SINS of the Church and the World.
    One can NEVER prove the End is coming but the faithful will know better than to follow the AntiChrist.