Neo-SSPX’s Fellay Is Desperate to Sell out to Newchurch Before the July 2018 Elections Throw Him out of Office

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Lately, the Neo-SSPX’s Superior-Dictator, Bernie Fellay has been gushing about how the Marxist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio is really on the side of the Neo-SSPX. In spite of Bergoglio’s September 3, 2017, Motu Proprio Magnum principium (The Great Beginning), which is overtly directed at turning the Protestantized invalid “New Mess” into a “Newer Mess” with overt “concelebration” with Protestant ministers at the Novus Ordo dinner table, Fellay is on his same sell-out route to make his Neo-SSPX a Newchurch fraud at all costs.
Recently, after a trumped up November 22-27, 2017, Fatima pilgrimage — for which the Neo-SSPX must have gotten the usual tremendous kickbacks from hotels and airlines for these junkets — Fellay’s hand-picked compromiser priest-presbyters went to Newrome to give glowing “homilies” to celebrate how comfortable they felt being in venerable churches desecrated by Novus Ordo dinner tables and the “New Mess.” Fellay’s flies with full deliberation walked right into the spider’s parlor! These Fellayite priest-presbyters uttered not one word of protest about the innumerable attacks against Jesus Christ being made by the heretic Marxist Newpope, Jorge Bergoglio. Not one word.
But there’s more. Turn now to the United States. On October 27, 2017, of this year, while Francis-Bergoglio is celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Heresy in Germany, there will be a conference of pseudo-traditionalists at Weirton, West Virginia. Speaking at this conference will be various self-proclaimed luminaries from among the Newchurch pseudo-traditionalists, plus speakers from the Fraternity of St. Peter, the Institute of Christ the King, and the Neo-Society of St. Pius X. Even though these groups are dying because Newchurch is slowly, but surely, killing them off, the cuckolded groups will be getting together for a love-in to express just how much they want to be fellow-travelers in the Marxist Newpope’s Newchurch of the New Order.
These pseudo-traditionalists think that they will convert Newchurch back to Catholicism. On the contrary, Newchurch will crush them. Mice do not crush elephants; quite the reverse. All of this is, of course, is being organized on the one side by Francis-Bergoglio, the Newpope Black Widow, who poisons his prey, and on the other side by Bergoglio faithful gauleiter, Bernie Fellay. The jealous Bernie can hardly wait to blow Archbishop Lefebvre’s courageous traditional Catholic work to shreds.
Francis-Bergoglio will put the Neo-SSPX right under the control of the Marxist Newbishops, whom Bergoglio has been appointing at a ferocious rate. The resulting explosion will expel the true traditionalists — maybe half — of the Neo-SSPX into the outer darkness. Fellay has to accept the bomb before July 2018, when the duodecimal election for Neo-SSPX Superior takes place, and Fellay, after a corrupt regime of 24 years, is most likely to be rejected.
The Neo-SSPX will lose its chapels and churches and priories and shrines and schools. The Neo-SSPX will lose all those things that were provided to it by the loyal supporters of Archbishop Lefebvre. Then the Black Widow Bergoglio will inject his prey Fellay with the deadly poison in the final coup de grâce.
The Neo-SSPX clergy should have left Fellay earlier when over one-sixth of his priests left him because of his perfidy. Some of these will form alliances or join Bishop Williamson’s Resistance; others will establish independent churches and chapels. The work of Archbishop Lefebvre and Fr. Gommar de Pauw and others will build on the work of so many traditional Catholic priests who never sold out to the New Order sect or to the perfidious Bernie Fellay. For God will not be mocked, and error and evil will not triumph in the end.
Here is my warning to those in Fellay’s Neo-SSPX who are faithful to Archbishop Lefebvre’s traditional Catholicism. Get Fellay out by any means you can. If you don’t, all of you will meet the same fate as the seven French deans who were expelled. Fellay is now trying to form a new cadre of henchmen — some of them compromisers, some plants, some from Newchurch — to take over the organization and support the final sellout to the anti-Catholic Newchurch, which the holy Archbishop himself declared to be “not Catholic.”