Lenten-tide for Ash Wednesday

Unless the mind and will are ready to believe in God’s absolute right to teach and command, there is little likelihood that fasting and penance with extra prayer will be followed carefully. The will must be free of self-interested desires and fears in order to bend the mind to ascent to an unseen God and to His whole mysterious order of salvation. Prejudices and sinful habits easily find excuses for refusing to submit to truth and  self-discipline.

Christian mysteries, accepted and lived, lead men to their supernatural destiny. A Christian’s joy in living his faith, without complaining of the cost, is a sign that he knows what he is about.

Christian wisdom does not judge and choose according to rebellious instincts or misguided opinion: it chooses according to the teachings of the New Testament and in view of man’s destiny for eternal happiness. The wise Christian sees God’s will in all things and surrenders to God’s will in all things. He chooses God’s way gladly and gratefully in all things, and not merely when God’s will is in accord with his own inclinations. Moreover, wisdom leads the Christian to be content with God’s favor and guidance and not to ask for signs and wonders to prove His presence and power. Be Converted To Me In Fasting and in Weeping.

A good way to get the feel and have your hand on our Lord’s pulse would be to read the Readings and Gospel in your daily Missal each day in lent if daily Mass is not available.Most of the main events that take place in Scriptures take place from Lent to Pentecost Sunday and I might add so should the Great Chastisement which precedes the Second Coming of Christ on Pentecost Sunday.

However as I just recently expressed, their will not be a Biblical Chastisement this year, so use this opportunity to do all we can to promote the Facts about Vatican Council II and prepare the world for the Coming of the Lord.

In Christ, Joseph