Indigenous day + Indigenous communities, Inculturation of the Vatican II Council

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October 23, Rome: The Pan-Amazonian Synod is in the final stretch after three intense weeks. The Synod intends to give the Church an “Amazonian face” with “a universal dimension.” The phrase isn’t clearly defined but roughly suggests that Catholics the world over will profit from cultural lessons on the care of nature from the Indigenous communities in the Amazon. A Church with an Amazonian face rejects a clericalism and Colonial tradition (see Instrumentum Laboris, 109-110).

With the sub-tile attack against our Catholic or Christian Holidays in the last few years, Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day, Gays wanting to participate in our St.Patrick day parade and so on, I was puzzled by the silence of these catholic bishops over these changes, however, thanks to AntiChrist number five, pope Francis with the Amazonian indigenous people, the “Amazonian face” isn’t about the Church universal. Instead, for them, it’s about inculturation—how the Church can accept their native spirituality, to allow their own “face” to shape their practice of Catholicism.

So, Father H. B. Kramer in his “The Book of Destiny,” again, his prophecies that “The AntiChrist will de Christianize Nations.” has been spreading through out the world from the off set of the Vatican II Council pretending to be promoting Christian Charity under the banner of the broken cross while all along working along side with the liberals of the world.

Remember my friends, “All roads lead to Rome.” until they move to Jerusalem, that is, and that it  was pope John XXIII that established the birth control commission which contributed to the down fall of the Catholic family, which also lead to ABORTION, when he and Paul VI opend the GATES of hell and gave all the evil spirits priority over the Gates of Heaven. Apocalypse 9 and.  18:5
Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph