In America everyone is INNOCENT until PROVEN Guilty

In the recent case involving the death of George Floyd the perpetrator who was mainly responsible was arrested and charged within a very reasonable time before the protesting escalated. Once reaching large proportion’s it became fashionable to express, “No justice NO peace.” The fact is, once the crowd became uncontrollable, they were defeating the very principles they were supposed to be defending. As chaos became more apparent, I began to see the real reason for this protest.

The protest had now been directed at VIRTUE. People were shouting everywhere that Floyd had committed a NON-VIOLENT crime.

So, it’s alright to break the laws of society so long as you don’t, ‘bodily hurt anybody’?  In other words, if one wants to become a drug addict to the point of being supported by the State under our welfare programs that’s what we are to them? 

These protesters are for inalienable rights so long as they can live their sinful, destructive lifestyle. And it matters not to them that the system is paid for by law abiding taxpayers who are struggling to raise families. 

Once again dear citizens, EVERYONE is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty by a court of law, or we are NOT living in the United States of America.
In Christ, Joseph B.D. Saraceno