Francis & Rio de Janerio World Youth Day

Rio de Janeiro hosted the World Youth Day with the presence of Francis, the false pope (A/C).. The spirit that dominated the atmosphere of . This is evidenced by the music, the dance of the bishops, gestures and speeches. For his bad example and words, the apostate Francisco practically gave his blessing to all the destructive influences of today, i.e. homosexuality, occultism and impurity. This is a visible sign of the spirit of Antichrist. He said nothing to warn young people about the dangers of self-genocide, as a result of homosexuality, juvenile justice, drugs, decadent music, chip implantation or euthanasia. Bergoglio-Francisco abused ecclesial position to violate the law of God. It promotes homosexuality, which is contrary to the essence of the gospel and destroys all moral values​​.
Taken from  Católicos Alerta