Excuse me my CMRI Friend on Pope John XXIII

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That I know of, this is one “simony”  accusation in the last 50 years was never made public among Traditional Catholics. So please, tell me your source and what CMRI Father’s agree with these accusations towards pope John XXIII???  What about our Bishop? I never heard him say anything on it this.

Do I understand you correctly that pope John XXIII bought or paid to be pope?

You know we have had popes who bribed their way to the Papacy. I think Alexander VI was one. Pope Leo the X was a Cardinal at 16, paid for of course. He was a Medici. When elected pope he wasn’t even a priest until after his election and it’s rumored he was a homosexual at that. Still Pope. He was Luther’s Pope. Nevertheless, at one time it was accepted.

Friend: Our Bishop preaches that the Vatican II Council is the “Great Apostasy,” spoken of by St. Paul. O.K. Who opened the council? Pope John XXIII. Now our Bishop quotes Father E. S. Berry and his book, “The Apocalypse of St. John.” 1921. Who says the Star that falls from Heaven..(Who opens the gates of hell? A priest or Bishop? He could not say a Pope) of the Church who becomes the leader of Heresy……….who’s revolt from the church shall lead directly to the reign of AntiChrist. pg. 98.

Pope John XXIII becomes the precursor of the AntiChrist here. We all know that pope John XXIII opened up the gates of hell with the Vatican II Council. STILL, it was pope Paul VI who signed the decrees into law and enforced them. Hence, he became the first AntiChrist. St. Paul calls him the “Man of Sin”. On November 19, 1969 he officially rebuked all the traditionalist’s complaints and demanded ALL accept the council and the new Sacraments, etc.  The good Cardinals did nothing.

Also, as I’ve said before, there is no such thing as a interregnum without a CONCLAVE. Therefore, you can’t say we’re going through an interregnum. The line has been broken, but NOT the OFFICE. As long as you have one Bishop in the world the Office is still there and that Bishop is known as the White Pebble. WHO is now Our Bishop? Bishop Schuckardt was the white pebble until he made himself a Pope.

I also show where John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XXVI and the Main False prophet, Rev. Billy Graham is in the Bible. I haven’t publicly named his replacement yet, but of course, he will be pro Israel. AntiChrist Francis may be the one who takes the religions to Jerusalem.  So, there is more than one AntiChrist, more than one False prophet and more than one White Pebble. Apocalypse 2:17  1950 Bibles.

Friend: Let me explain to you why the Fathers do not want to accept John XXIII as the pope. It’s because if they do, then they think they would have to accept his teachings as well or decide what is heretical and what isn’t. Making it more convenient for them to reject all his teachings on the grounds he’s not a pope. Regardless, they’re in error. It’s not true because we know after what happened. John XXIII was part of the conspiracy against the Church.

Trust me when I say, I could take this to court and get vindicated but you can’t take religious issues into a civil court.

Friend: There is no way out of this “Great Apostasy,” without the Second Coming of Christ and that’s what St. Paul and many Doctors the Church teach and I agree and prove they’re right.

Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph