Dear Father Benedict Hughes CMRI

Dear Father Benedict Hughes CMRI:

Do you remember a few years ago when I gave you my lecture to listen to which I made in 1991. You told me that, ” after I heard what you said about, “there has never been, since the history of the world anyone make the proclamations that I give you in this lecture.” You said I could not listen to it after that. Well in as much as I was prejudged by you without listening to what that lecture contained. I would like you to know that I have since added a few more mystery’s not revealed since then. I have now a total of seventeen mysteries of the faith which could not have been explained without the dawn of the V-2 Council. You will find a copy of them and other pertinent facts that you were not aware of.

However there is also a fact that you were not aware of. It took me a long time to realize that when Father Denis was the Superior General of CMRI he did not convey to any of the Fathers his approval of my main thesis that I wrote on the “Two Horns of AntiChrist,” that is except with the two priests that were assigned to my parish. That was Father Vaillancourt and Father Dominic Radecki. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t mention this to you before I gave you my lecture. Everything else in regards to this subject were based on this approved article. (enclosed) My other writings relating to Parousa were earlier approve by Bishop Musey and Bishop McKenna, unfortunately I never got it in writing from them until Bishop Oravec in 1992 with a later confirmation by Bishop McKenna (2007 enclosed.) So there you have it.

If you take a good look at the enclosed papers you will see that, their is more than one AntiChrist during the end times and I show everyone where and who they are from the scriptures.There isn’t anyone else you can put in the scriptures but these V-2 AntiChrists. This is also the only reason we have had a permanent break in the line of Popes. I Also clarify why Jesus Christ will come back on Pentecost Sunday. (You have my booklet.)

Even St. Pope Gregory I makes it very clear that one cannot say “Jesus did not know when He was going to come back.” I cover this in my booklet as well. Look it up.

I took the liberty to enclose an article I wrote in 1998 called, “Fidelity Among Traditionalist.” Trust me when I say, that these guide lines are the only means that would bring a harmonious relationship among all of the Traditionalists if accepted and it definitely would eliminate the false hopes perpetuated by some of the other Fathers.

I pray that you have the courage to objectively go over my findings and relate it to the Bishop for discussion.

Grace be with you, in Christ.

Joseph B. D. Saraceno


11-17-12 St. Gregory Thaumaturgus BpC

the Wonder Worker