Clarifying which Fathers are Sede Vacantists and which are not

sedeTo begin with, I will start with my own experience which helped me and others to the sede vacantist position. During the early 60’s I was a bakery worker and wasn’t able to attend Sunday Mass. The turmoil of the 60’s lead me to the Bible for spiritual fortification. Later I wanted to join up with a Rosary Group and the largest and preeminent one in the L. A. area was the Padre Pio Rosary group. The leader was Father Thomas Martin out of San Conrado Mission, but we used Our Lady Queen of Angels Church in the downtown area. They would meet every 1stSaturday evening at 7 pm. It was from this group that I found out about the Blue Army and their work promoting devotion to Our Lady and their magazine called, “The Immaculate.” The Blue Army was stationed in New Jersey. 

When I was able to make a change in jobs to where I had the weekends off, I was able to get back to Sunday Mass at my Church, St, Joseph’s in Hawthorne, CA. On January 18, 1968, it was announced that the Secretary of the Blue Army, Francis Schuckardt, was going to give a lecture at our church the next week, January 25. In going to the lecture I was impressed with what I heard and approached Francis after the lecture and gave him my address.
Then in June I got a notice from Francis that there was going to be held in the valley area a seminar and would I like to attend. At this time, I had no idea what was coming out of Rome and heading my way. However after the seminar I became aware of the bad news. I can’t remember who all the speakers were, but we had Father Lawrence Brey, Francis Schuckardt and Denis Chicoine. Being aware of Biblical eschatology, I related to all three that this could be the beginning of the Great Apostasy spoken of by St. Paul. Because Francis had contacts with Rosary Groups throughout the country he began to pick up many followers and from this we became known as the Fatima Crusaders and then later CMRI.
Once we started establishing Mass circuits with elderly priests who left their dioceses and their pensions, we got nicked named sede vacantists. Something I thought all Traditionalists were at the time. Problem was we had no Bishop to help us and I wasn’t aware of Archbishop Lefebvre or Archbishop Thuc at this time.
In 1970 Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre established the Priestly Society of St. Pius X, and as both groups grew along with many independent Traditional Catholic priests, then came Archbishop Ngo-Dinh-Thuc, who consecrated his first Bishop in France in 1978. Now from these two Bishops came, as far as I know, all of the Traditional Catholics throughout the world. The CMRI and independent priests with Archbishop Ngo-Dinh-Thuc came the Sede Vacante lines.
Later came the splits from SSPX. In April 1983, matters came to a head. Bp. Lefebvre, greatly concerned over the news sent to him by Fr. Williamson, came over to Oyster Bay Cove in order to deal with this matter personally. He asked Fr. Thomas Zapp, one of three young priests he had ordained for the North-East district only the previous November, to say the mass from the 1962 Missal. Fr. Zapp refused. Eight other priests and twelve seminarians stood in solidarity with Fr. Zapp. Those eight priests were Fathers Donald Sanborn, Clarence Kelly, Anthony Cekada, Daniel Dolan, William Jenkins, Eugene Berry, Joseph Collins, and Martin Skierka. On the 27th of April, Bp. Lefebvre ejected all nine of these priests from his society along with those seminarians who were sympathetic to them. Almost immediately, the nine formed the Society of Saint Pius V. Fr. Williamson replaced Fr. Kelly as the superior of the North-East district, and also took over control of the seminary at Ridgefield. Around the same time, Dr. Coomaraswamy was removed from his teaching post at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary. At first it appeared that these SSPX Fathers had taken the Sede Vacantist position, however their positions were not clear until some time later. Also, Fathers Sanborn and Zapp changed their positions over the years, going from sede vacantist to materially-formally to sedeprivationists. This was a split in the Archbishop Ngo-Dinh-Thuc line as well, for Archbishop Thuc was totally Sede Vacantist. As far as I know here is where the traditional Priests stand today some commentary.

Sede Vacantists

Bishop Pivarunas and all 20 or so CMRI priests.
Bishop Dolan and all his priests (however thinks we will get a true pope again).
Bishop Martin Davila Gandara, Bishop Morello.
Bishop Louis Vezelis RIP (his replacement is Bishop Giles).
Bishop Franco M Ricor
Bishop Morello,
Bishop? Neal Webster, Bishop? Joseph Macek
Father Anthony Cekada, Father Louis Campbell, Father Joseph Collins, Father Emilo Fattore, Father James Kosek, Father Courtney Krier,  Father Adan Rodriguez, Father Paul Trinchard, Father Raymond Steichen, Father James H. Thielen, Father M. E. Morrison, Father Clement Procopio, Father Dennis McMahon, Father Bernard Champagne, Father P. de la Dolorosa, Father Terence Fulman, Father Gregory Foley, Father Adam Cyr,


Bishop Robert McKenna
Bishop Robert Neville
Bishop Kelly, Bishop Santay SSPV and all their priests.
Bishop Jose A. Rodriguez,
Bishop Geert Stuyver
Bishop Francis Slupski
Father Daniel Ahern,  Father Terrance Finnegan, Father Simeon Kasik, Father Ronald Ringrose, Father Gilbert Pinto, Father Oscar Saavedra, Father Anthony Ward, Father Ronald Dahleimer, Father Francis Norman, Father Peter R. Lemay, Father Thomas Mroczka, Father Francis Miller, Father Henry Lovett, Father Leo Carly, Msgr. Raymond Ruscitto, Father Eugene Berry, Father John Peek,


Bishop Donald J Sanborn, his priests and Father Thomas Zapp. 

Followers of Vatican II Popes
Society of Pius X
Father Patrick Perez
(Pope) says reforms of the Second Vatican Council are “absolutely irreversible.”
Francis doesn’t realize it but his prediction on the Vatican II Council carries Infallibility, because he’s quoting Divine Revelation. St.Paul and the Apostles makes it very clear that once the Great Apostasy takes place it’s demise comes about by Christs return. Paul VI was the “Man of Sin” who approved the heretical council. However, at the time we did not understand that the “Great Apostasy,” was going to run 40 to 50 years and that there was more than one AntiChrist. Even Bishop Vezelis (RIP) acknowledge that it was irreversible. So for those traditional Catholics who are preaching, “Restoration,” are dreamers.  Why they can’t even bring unity among the Traditional Bishops especially when you have four different theories on the status of the (Holy Father). There are the, Sede Vacantists, Material Formalltists, Sedeprivationists and those who believe we have a valid heretical pope.
By the way, I would like to clear up any doubts about were Paul VI went at the time of his death, if there are any. He went to hell and we will see him come out of there on judgment day. September 2013 in the 44th year of the “Great Apostasy.”
Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph
LINK Pope says reforms of the Second Vatican Council are “absolutely irreversible.”