My reply to Msgr. Perez’s sermon

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My Dear friends, the reason for my reply to Msgr. Perez’s sermon is that there seems to be little concern by many of the Traditional Fathers what they preach in front of the Blessed Sacrament at Mass these days. I hope my commentary will help in  getting these Fathers to grow up to the Sanctity of the circumstances they face when there preaching.

Msgr. Patrick Perez, 22nd Sunday after Pentecost October 21, 2018 
(pope) Francis and the Canonization of Paul VI.

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Explaining Sede Vacante & Sede Vacant-ism Anti-Popes & AntiChrists

Impugning the known truth is a mortal sin against the Holy Ghost

The definition of Sede Vacante is not defined correctly. It is an adopted word to explain an empty chair as a result of a death or resignation of a pope. The problem with this definition alludes to the state of the church to be headless.  Our Lord said “Thou art Peter . . . . and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.”  This implies that no matter what happens to the pope there will always be someone to act in the place of the pope who will run the church until another pope is elected. Hence we have the term “perpetual successors”. The Church has always taught that St. Peter’s successors to be in an unending, an unbroken chain. So up until the Vatican II Council, there has never been a break in the line of successors (Vatican Council I).What I wish to state is up until the Vatican II Council, the proper understanding of Sede Vacante is really Sede Transition for, as I pointed out, the Church is never without its delegated authority. Continue reading


With the advent of the Vatican II council we had an infusion of the other religions who were invited and given a role in order to voice there opinions. This in turn became the basis for interfaith dialog and ecumenism. As a result what transpired were changes which compromised the Catholic faith. Some changes were made in the Bible. The one of many, that stands out is when they changed Isaias prophecy of “A Virgin shall conceive,” to a young woman is with child. This change is made to satisfy the non-christian religions because it makes Jesus just another prophet, and is an attack upon his divinity. Other changes brought us down to the level of the other religions so that now we can all become one family.

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This is the Dogmatic position of the Sede Vacantist Catholics and these are the FACTS.

No Pope No Church Thesis                         6-30-17 Com. St. Paul St. Peter
Revised 1-29-18

Dear friends of the FAITH:

The Vatican Council  (1869), which defined Papal infallibility & Perpetual successors in the Papacy, makes it clear by the Church that there can never be a break in the line of successors of  Peter (and there never has been beyond death or resignation). Continue reading

AntiChrist Francis and SSPX have joined up together and are planning Joseph’s Crucifixion.

How ironic that what is transpiring with SSPX and AntiChrist Francis would be happening during the passion week of Our Lord. Not that I will be killed this weekend but the fly is in the ointment, as they say.
First, let me explain that Joseph from the offset of becoming aware that the Lord would come back on Pentecost Sunday in 1970 set out to tell the whole world and I started with the Bishop of Rome Paul VI. I sent him a registered letter. Next my Cardinal Manning (Cardinal McIntyre was just being phased out.} my Pastor Father Redahan RIP. Than I proceeded to inform all the Traditional Bishops and Fathers. Many of the Traditional Bishops and Fathers endorsed my finding but CMRI later changed it’s position. Continue reading

The Church in declaring the Pope is Infallible

This article written by a Sede Vacantist Catholic Priest is the basic position of most Traditional Catholic Priests and is well written. I must point out; however, as with most of these traditional Catholic priests that what is being ignored is the Perpetual successors in the Papacy by the same council they quote. The Vatican Council (1869) This council makes it clear that there can never be a break in the line of successors of Peter, (and there never has been accept for death resignation or exile.)  Now, even with all of the Anti-popes in the past history of the church there was also a living true Pope. The one important factor left out, in a word is, ANTI-CHRIST. The rest of these articles you will find on my web site under current and “Why Sede Vacante.” 
The Church in declaring the Pope is Infallible. Traditional Newsletter  442

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The Validity of the Thuc Consecrations

In the U.S. at present there are six traditional Catholic clergymen who are commonly referred to as the “Thuc” bishops. Unlike the Lefebvre bishops, the Thuc …
Examination of 1981 episcopal consecrations of three traditionalist priests by Abp. P.M. Ngo-dinh-Thuc, retired Archbishop of Hué, Vietnam. (Sacerdotium 3, Spring 1992)

Father Francis Miller’s letter to Father Dan Jones & his response 1988

In this response from Father Jones, he may not have realized at the time but he gave out one of the mystery’s of the “Book of the Apocalypse”. The two horns of AntiChrist. This comes from St. Zachary’s prediction that St. John the Baptist was born as “a horn of salvation”, which means he is a prophet. Now after Christ established the papacy, major prophets became obsolete, because every pope is the number one high priest & king, prophet and doctor. So when John Paul I took the name of two previous anti-popes, he gave himself two horns of heretic prophets.” He has two Horns like those of a lamb but speaks as a Dragon. Apocalypse 13:11. I have this article “The Two Horns of AntiChrist & AntiChrists,” on my web site under. Apostasy & the Beast.


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Some facts on the New Mass of 1969 from Traditional Catholics in India:

Paul VI found the traditional Mass too Catholic and directed that it had to replicate the Calvinist Communion Service as revealed by his confidant, Jean Guitton;
The New Mass closely replicates the 1959 Communion Service of the Protestant “Church of South India;”
The New Mass never had an Offertory.  Preparation of the Gifts is one of the 18 blessings taken from the Talmud, reference, REAL STORY OF THE OFFERTORY’S REPLACEMENT


A Look at the past Traditional Catholic Hero’s

jxxiiithe VOICE

The Catholic Laity “are permitted and sometimes even obliged to express their opinions on those things which concern the good of the Church”…Constitution on the Church.

Vol, 8 – NO. 14 – Nov, 13, 1971 ~ Editor: Hugh McGovern

“VATICAN II DID CHANGE DOCTRINE: IT CHARTED COURSE OF A NEW RELIGION,” SAYS NOTED WRITER – Prof. Marcel De Corte, famed French Catholic apologist and professor of University of Liege, takes Vatican II over the hurdles in fully documented 17-page essay in Courrier De Rome (Paris, France). Continue reading

Jurisdiction: Epikeia and Papal Mandates

15369780398_51b40b339f_zQuotes on Jurisdiction: ‘Necessity makes licit what is illicit.’ Pope Gregory IX ‘It is true that one sins against the rule who adheres to the letter and leaves aside the spirit’ Pope Boniface XIII ‘The HIGHEST LAW is the SALVATION of Souls’ Pope Pius X Canon 2261.2-3, 1917 Code of Canon Law: “… The Faithful may for any just cause ask The Sacraments or Sacramentals of one who is excommunicated, ESPECIALLY, IF there is no one else to give them (c. 2261.2). Continue reading