Traditio Network supports James Caviezel & Mel Gibson’s new movie

The Passion of the Christ 2: Resurrection Poster ~ * Can't wait ...

Traditio Network supports James Caviezel & Mel Gibson’s  new movie the “Resurrection.”  They don’t know it, but they’re playing into the AntiChrist Francis hands by promoting Fidelity among all, so-called Christians who in turn are promoting the Interfaith Gospel.

How can they promote James Caviezel, and producer/director Mel Gibson’s new movie? When Jim is a Novus Ordo snob and Mel makes sure his church people conform to his standards. I know I’ve been there.

Traditio is allowing itself to fall down to the level of a scandal sheet news item and prints story’s that sell. The truth and facts of these Vatican II AntiChrists are swept under the rug for the sake of circulation. Woe woe woe, may God have mercy on those who cheat on the truth when the fire comes down from Heaven.

In Christ, God’s servant, Joseph

Tax the Rich: Pope Francis Calls for Global Wealth Redistribution

The hypocrisy of this man is overwhelming. Besides the obvious, the question arises; where do taxes go to? American taxpayers are paying for abortion through Medicaid. They also pay for sexual treatments from 2012-2018, over $63,000 in funds going to treatments for sex offenders. Not to mention erectile dysfunction drugs.
First and foremost should be to the Most Holy Trinity. That’s where our debt lies.

Tax cuts for the wealthy constitute a “structure of sin,” Pope Francis said Wednesday in a passionate address calling for international wealth redistribution. MORE

The Triple Threat to Christians and the Church

The Triple Threat to Christians and the Church

The watered-down religion of human fraternity which some Catholics hope to bring about will be no match for either militant secularism or militant Islam. MORE

What? Some Catholics? All of these Vatican II AntiChrist popes?
Jesus assured us that the gates of hell will not prevail against his Church. But we’re not told how much damage will be done to the Church in the meantime. So […]

What the Hell Bible is he reading? The faithful will be reduced to the Remnant few and go into the wilderness pope-less.

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The blood letting never ends in today’s Catholic world.

If you ever wanted to see just how “not nice” the Church of Nice can be, the case of it lashing out at Ven. Abp. Fulton Sheen is a prime example.
Late Tuesday, news broke that the beatification of the famed preacher-bishop was suddenly stopped dead in its tracks because of “the request of a few members of the Bishop’s Conference who have asked for further consideration.”

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