Trump: Biden is against God

Donald Trump: A 'Man of Deep Religion' Would Not Endorse Bernie ...

The “Unity Agenda” released by the Biden campaign calls for the restoration of taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood, repealing the Hyde Amendment, preventing taxpayer funds from paying for abortions, and promises to work to codify Roe v. Wade. VIDEO

China’s Emerging Middle Eastern Kingdom

The U.S. needs to wake up to the plot that’s transpiring in the Middle East with Iran, Russia and China.

American policymakers have long assumed that Chinese and American goals in the Middle East are largely complementary. Beijing, so the prevailing wisdom holds, is fixated on commerce, with a special emphasis on oil and gas. “China’s strategy in the Middle East is driven by its economic interests,” a former senior official in the Obama administration testified last year before Congress. MORE

Sixty Years of Sede Vacante by Mario Derksen. True Prophet or False prophet?

Dear friends of the Faith without exception, False Prophets always tell people what THEY want to hear. This article was printed in the “Reign of Mary.” A  CMRI Fall 2018 under the title of “As Sheep Not Having a Shepherd.” I got a hold of it about six months ago and just couldn’t respond until now. You will see that, in some cases he even contradicts the Bishop of CMRI. Because it’s about six pages long I have taken the liberty to high light those places that contain the most serious errors and explain each one here. 

In Christ, Joseph  8-7-20 St. Cajetan,C

The Great Apostasy, precedes the reign of Antichrist.

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Vatican academy defends dropping ‘God’ from pandemic

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Ha. What’s new. God as the cause of the Virus is left out as well. Like, “What’s God have to do with anything down here?” Attitude.

ROME, Italy, August 4, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – The Vatican has defended one of its recently released documents on the coronavirus pandemic that didn’t mention God as an effort to reach “the widest possible audience.” The 8-page “Humana Communitas in the Age of Pandemic: Untimely Meditations on Life’s Rebirth” was published by the Pontifical Academy for Life on July 22. MORE

Beware, A Conservative Catholic Conspiracy Is Brewing

LDS Church, BYU Jerusalem Center remain neutral amid Israel ...

The corona-virus put a spike in AntiChrist Francis’s plan for the large gathering of the Religious in Jerusalem next year—not to mention the money crises. Francis realizes that one way to bring in millions of dollars is to retire and set up a conclave for a future false pope. It has already been reported in one of the Catholic papers in India, that he has set up a couple of Cardinals as the first step in the preparation for a conclave.

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