“No One Knows When the End Will Come.” Is a false Christian teaching

Pope Gregory the Great Painting by Unknown

No One Knows When the End Will Come.” Is a false Christian teaching.    1-16-22

In the Catholic Church, Pope St. Gregory I, (600) also known as “the Great”, made it very clear that we are not to say Jesus Christ did not know when the end of the world would come.  In the Pope’s Epistle, “Sicut agua frigida”, he writes: “It is written: In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…All things were made by him (John 1:13).  If all, then without doubt also the day of Judgment and the hour. Who, therefore, is so foolish as to presume to assert that the Word of the Father made that which He does not know?  It is written also: Jesus knowing that the Father gave him all things into his hands (John 13:3).  If all things, surely both the day of judgment and the hour.  Who, therefore, is so stupid as to say that the Son has received in His hands that of which He is unaware?”

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The Four Marks has left us

Believe it or not I got the Four Marks started. At the time Kathleen Plumb had a newspaper called, “The Northern Light.” I ran one of my ad’s in there.  Then came Christopher Ferrier’s condemnation of Sede Vacantists in the “Catholic Family News.” A friend at the time, Dan Capodilupo called me and suggested we start our own newspaper.  Immediately I thought of the Northern Light and told him. Getting on the phone with Kathleen Plumb, she explained to me how much money it would cost and hundreds of subscribers. Having about 100 names on my mailing list at the time, and knew a friend who had a Catholic website called, Catholiccounterpoint.com. By John Maffei. So here we had the money and the names and the first thing I suggested, was start a contest over the internet for the name for the new newspaper and the winner was, “The Four Marks.” However, I wanted the paper to be for Traditional Laymen only. But that didn’t last long, and once the Religious got involved they started taking over. Nonetheless, it helped us succeed in surviving as long as we did. So here’s to Kathleen and the three Italian Tenors who sang a song of Catholic Truth that lasted 14 years and just short of the Second Coming of Christ. Amen and Alleluia to all. RIP

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Explaining The Great Apostasy – Prophetic Times – End Times

Explaining The Great Apostasy Joseph Saraceno focuses accurately on the depth of the problem, uprooting the past evils of the Conciliar Church by turning over all of the facts and at the same time he elevates the Holy Scriptures showing a prophetic outline of our future. FACEBOOK

The reason why I didn’t offer this DVD is because during the lecture I had to ask a priest to be quiet. Since then he’s passed away. R.I.P. Please continue reading to purchase DVD.

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