Because I attend Pius X Mass

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From: Most Rev. Bishop Dolan ~ June 18 at 1:30 PM

Dear Joseph;
You are a false prophet, for no prophet of  the Most High God would go to the High Places, and practice the abominations of Bergoglio Worship with the Pius Xers. Any High Priest who counsels such a sin is an abomination unto the Lord  our God.
Ride your fiery chariot to a true Mass, or stay home and away from the Prophets of Baal, lest you share their fate.
Bishop Dolan

Response: Dear Bishop Dolan.

Well, first; I’m converting a lot of people to why we are sede vacante.
Second; there is no other place around here I can go to Mass.
Third; why haven’t you corrected the Judas Sanborn who with his priests attacks the sede vacant  position publicly?
Do you tell your people that these Vatican II popes are the AntiChrist’s of the Bible? And that the Lord will be back on that last Pentecost Sunday?
As for my fiery chariot, that would be Elias. I’m a reflection of Enoch. He was the married one.
In Christ, the prophet, Joseph