My reply to Fr. Dominic Radecki

REDEDear Father Dominic Radecki;
July 4, 2013 – All Holy Popes

It was brought to my attention, (as a result of my most recent mailings which contains some of your parishioners) that you chose to slander me, ‘for the third time’ from the pulpit on Sunday June 23,? 2013. As in the past you again accuse me of being a false prophet and an unstable person.

How is it that when you came here with Father Denis Chicoine, he made you aware of my apostolate work and the agreements I had with CMRI. It was you who took the liberty to break these agreements because you had your own agenda and disagreed with my findings. To begin with both Bishop Schuckardt and Father Denis had no problem with my writing(s) on Parousia and the Apocalypse. When I wrote my article on “The Two Horns of AntiChrist” it was edited by Father Vaillancourt and then later approved by Father Denis. The same was true with my Parousia findings, that the Lord would come back on Pentecost Sunday.

Later when Bishops Musey, McKenna, and Oravec came into the picture, all three told me that there was nothing wrong with my findings, as long as I didn’t pick the exact year of His return. You, yourself, (because Gil Peters objected to my apostolic work), took all my writings to Mt. St. Michaels to be scrutinized, and on your return acknowledged that they contained ‘no heresy’. I requested the concluding results in writing. You conveniently didn’t comply. Once Bishop Pivarunas took over, you started to look for ways to change our agreements. When this was brought up to the Bishop, the Bishop stated that I was allowed to do any thing outside of church property, but you even objected me going off church property with parishioners or people who were interested in these current matters of faith, which is paramount to total mind-control!

Now, lets look at your credibility, and those individuals that you supported and endorsed through the years. These are the ones I can remember.

First it was Dr. Coomaraswamy, you started displaying his writings in the church. I brought it to your attention and pointed out some of his errors and you ignored me. Well, the Dr. left CMRI and Bishop McKenna and became a married priest.

Second, there was Gil Peters. He served Mass for us and tried to sink my credibility. He eventually left CMRI for an Anti Sede Vacantist priest.

Third, Charles Coulombe who belonged to K.C.S.S. You allowed him and his religious brothers to serve Mass, etc. even after I told you they were Feeneyite heretics. You opted not to confront them on this issue at that time because Charles was writing an article for one of local Catholic papers, (Los Angeles Catholic Mission?) about the Queen of Angels Church. So it wasn’t until after the article got printed that you confronted them on their heresies. Once confronted, they in turned left and disavowed CMRI.

Fourth, it was Gerry Matatics. Gerry became a Traditional Catholic, however he adopted the Feeneyite position in order to win favor with John Vennari of Catholic Family News and Michael Matt of the Remnant Newspaper. Later on he pretended to join up with CMRI & accepting our position. As a result, you and Father McKee endorsed his local scheduled lectures. At that time I was going to Father McKee’s Mass in Fontana, CA. and when Father McKee announced Gerry’s upcoming lecture at the pulpit, I warned Fr. McKee after Mass that Gerry couldn’t be trusted, and you should have known better. After his, Gerry’s local lectures, instead of attending Mass at the CMRI Churches the following Sunday, he went to Mel Gibson’s Mass and we all know know what Mel Gibson thinks of CMRI. Then Gerry left (CMRI) and became a ‘home a loner.’ When I informed Fr. McKee what had happened he at least had the humility to apologize for endorsing Gerry.

Where’s your apology for all the mistakes you made in the last twenty years? Unfortunately your pride stands in the way of what humility you could have and as long as I have known you, you could never accept constructive criticism unless you had to.

Fifth, There was Julio J. Pro. M.D. I had known Dr. Pro for about twenty-five years, he played the organ at Father Schell’s Mass. After Fathers death, he jumped around between Mel Gibson’s Mass and Fr. Perez’s Mass. He was always an Anti Sede Vacantist. I had debated him on these issues more than once, but he’s good at lying his way out of the facts. One day I had to attend a weekday Mass because of a Holy Day of Obligation, I attended your Mass. Upon entering the church, I was shocked to see Dr. Pro and his wife in the chapel. The following first Saturday? I went to a Fr. De Four’s Mass. He was having private Masses in the Valley and I wanted to meet him to discuss the issues. To my surprise once again, Dr. Pro was at the Mass. After Mass, I asked him how he could go to Fr. Dominic’s Mass since he considered Fr. Dominic to be a heretic? His answer was “he’s a validly ordained priest.” I said to myself “Wow! I guess he has no pride on his principles.” To my amazement he made it known to me, that he had written a booklet entitled “Sede Vacantism, is it valid?” He gave me a copy and after reading it, I took the liberty to send him my rebuttal. He did not respond and would not talk to me anymore. Later I also found out that Mel Gibson asked him to leave because of his proselytizing his Anti Sede Vacantist position at his chapel. What’s ironic is, he died while you, Father, were preparing your condemnation of me. And after you denounced me from the pulpit that Sunday, you proceeded to have the congregation pray for the repose of Dr. Pro’s soul. What? No prayers for the ‘unstable Joseph’ a loyal servant and one of the co-founding lay fathers of CMRI for forty-four years?

You supported these unstable losers, while us down-to-earth logical people are ignored, for the most part, (I’ve come to the conclusion) from your perspective we’re considered, annoying and illiterate with nothing to contribute except to stand there in Mass like half-witted zombies beckoning to your every command.

Impugning the known truth and envy at another’s spiritual good are Mortal Sins against the Holy Ghost.

May the Lord have Mercy on your soul.

The Prophet, Joseph B. D. Saraceno.


C.C. Rt. Rev. Mark Anthony Pivarunas CMRI
and CMRI Fathers

Dr. Coomaraswamy, (Heart Specialist),
Gil Peters, (theatrical writer),
Charles Coulombe, (brother and writer),
Gerry Matatics, (ex-Protestant Minister),
Dr. Pro. (Medical Doctor). RIP 6-20-13?