Bad Popes – Good Popes + Anti Popes – AntiChrists – July 2023 M/O the Precious Blood

The Traditional Catholic dilemma still exists now for 58 years after the close of the Vatican II Council. Only a blind man cannot see that this world is running out of time.

A house divided cannot stand and it’s a mortal sin to divide the faithful. I tell my friends that Traditional Catholics have Satan laughing at us all the way to the BANK. Religion is an emotional state of life. People are being killed, just about every day of the week, somewhere in the world over religion. We all know that the religious can’t exist without our donations and this is one of the reasons for the division among us and the main subject used for this division is the Papacy. The main division comes from the confused teaching of the sede vacante position.

We know that the Church has always taught, no Pope no Church and the church has always taught that the only way a pope can stop being a pope is if he becomes a formal public heretic. You will find, this under Infallibility. In quoting a 1912 Catholic Encyclopedia, one of the best printed in our time, stating that NO POPE in history ever became a formal public heretic. So, the bad popes in the past were still Catholic, the Antipopes in the past were not popes but were still Catholic and of course no Anti-Christ up to 1912.

So up until the Vatican II Council, there has never been a break in the line of successors. That is to say that the Vatican II Council is responsible for the Traditional Catholic movement and the division we have among us.

Another misunderstanding is that when pope John 23 announced the council, he said, to the news media, that it would be a pastoral Council and that he wanted to bring all Christians together. (But he meant ALL of the religions together.)

However, what a Pope says to the media is never official until it’s officially documented. So, in his opening address to the Bishops, he put the council at the same level as past councils. Pope Paul VI STATED the same as well. However, Pope Paul VI by approving the council, instituted into Church teaching decrees which have been previously condemned by other dogmatic councils. (ex-cathedra to the whole church) All Catholics have to accept the Councils teachings to remain in this church.  One example is that there is NO salvation outside the Catholic Church or better yet, it’s the Church established by Jesus Christ. The Vatican II Council teaches that “One can be saved in any religion; the Catholic Church is not the only means of salvation.” (1) This alone excommunicates the new church. Not to mention all of the hundreds of other changes. So, in as much as we do not have a true pope, we still have the office because we still have Traditional Catholic Bishops, and every Bishop is a minor POPE.

It has always been taught that the Church will be reduced to the Remnant few in the end times. That the Church goes into the wilderness where it stays, (for the most part) until Christ returns. Apocalypse 12. And in Apocalypse 18: 4-5 it says, “Go out from her, MY people; . . . For her sins have reached unto heaven.”  Heaven on earth is the MASS.

So, you have it my friends, I don’t see our Bishops joining up and electing a pope among themselves and as far as I can see, and in the short time we have left, for sure the new church is not going away because the AntiChrist will be accepted as the pope even among some traditionalists as we have today. One has to understand the meaning of the word, AntiChrist. It means, a God against God. The first true AntiChrist was Caiphas, the Jewish high priest, and the Pope takes his place.

According to most Doctors of the Church the Great Apostasy lasts about 40 to 50 years and we are in at least the 54th year of the “Great Apostasy,” which concludes with Our Lords Return or without this Great Apostasy, there would be no need for Christ to come back and if these are not Apocalyptic times then, there is NO such thing. Remember, the world was warned before the FLOOD and only eight people got on the Ark. We also have the credibility of the doctors that these popes are the AntiChrists of the Bible. Yes, there is MORE than one, and Christ said MANY, speaking of the end times. The best two books which most of the Fathers go by are, The Apocalypse of St. John by Father E. S. Berry, 1921, and he alludes to chapter 9: 1-2, “the star that falls from Heaven, as some Bishop who becomes a leader of Heresy . . . opens the gates of hell.” (Bottomless pit) the Vatican II Council, (pope John 23,) which leads to the reign of AntiChrist. (Paul VI). St. Paul referred to him as the ‘man of sin’ or the ‘son of perdition.’ 

The other book by Fr. H. Kramer in his book, “The book of Destiny,” 1956 confirms with Fr. Berry’s findings.

You will find pope John Paul II mostly in chapter 13. “For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets [many] in so much as to deceive the elect.” Matt 24:24   My friends, traditionalists are the elect. We need to also understand the AntiChrist system. We just went over the spiritual part; six six six is just a reflection of the Jewish faith, as is the marks on the hand and head, (Exodus 13:9.) the two horns of AntiChrist and so on. Six comes from the 6 days of the creation with the 7th day of completion. Exodus 13:9. The reason St. John said six three times is because he is cursing the Jews as it is used as (woe woe woe) because of the Jews who started persecuting the Jews who became Christian. (The Synagogue of Satan).

Now, how can you bring all the religions together with Jesus being the God man? You can’t. Thats why the Church came out with the new American Bible meant for all Christians, and in the churches, monthly missalettes, the object is to make Jesus just another prophet by taking out those verses that make him divine. I’ll just give you one example. Isias’s prophecy of “a virgin shall conceive and bear a son and he shall be called Emmanuel” was changed to a young woman with child. Of course, in the churches they will keep calling him the messiah, but the Bible is part of the deposit of faith and the other religions all know that, as they do with their protestant bibles, Koran, Tora, and so on down the line. The ultimate goal is for all Christians to follow the American Bible then in the future, the “World Bible,” where, Jesus,  Jehovah Allah, etc. would be replaced with, Lord, Lord, Lord. Thats why Jesus said, “those that call me Lord, Lord, Lord shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.” Makes sense now, right? Matt. 7:15-21. Again, the ultimate goal is to also, have all places of worship, looking the same. By making Jesus just another prophet, the Catholic church went back to the imperfect Jewish state of 666. Now everyone who accepts these changes has accepted the “Mark of the Beast,” and don’t even know it—and right now it’s most of the world.

 “The See of Peter and posts of authority in Rome being occupied by anti-Christs.” Archbishop Lefebvre, August 19, 1987. (Catholic publications).

The physical part of the Beast of the Apocalypse, the law enforcement people, is the United Nations, the European Union and the I. M. F. Bank. Remember that the Vatican has a seat in the U.N. So, if you do not accept all the religions as equal as a nation, and adopt this liberal democracy, your trade restrictions are going to be enforced. (You cannot buy and sell unless you accept the mark of the Beast).

My friends, in Apoc.16:10 It states,  “and they did not repent.” This is after the great chastisement. Further, in 18:27: “. . . and the voice of the bridegroom and the bride will not be heard in thee anymore.”  This means that the Vatican II Council can NOT be reversed.

I would like to point out that the http://WWW.CMRI.ORG  sede vacante group do not demand their members accept their position, any traditional Catholic is welcomed there as long as you do not challenge their position.

Documents related to these articles can be found on my web site mostly under, “Why sede vacante.”  and Apostasy & the Beast.

Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno

(1) The Harpercollins Encyclopedia of Catholicism 1995; 

Catholic Encyclopedia N.Y. 1912 under the articles, Infallibility and AntiChrist.