“Christ’s Return, and the Beast of the Apocalypse.”

By Joseph B.D. Saraceno
In this lectured C/D, booklets & documents explains about when Christ will return,  why He will come back on Pentecost Sunday, (Middle East Time) Explains the Anti-Christ system, describes the “Marks of the Beast,” and shows where the V-2 Council is located in the Scriptures.
“The Great Apostasy,” booklet focuses on the relationship of the Vatican 
 II Council with the One World Humanistic Inter-Faith Gospel working with the U.N. E.U. & IMF – for the one world secular liberal democracy.

“The Day of the Lord,” booklet clarifies through Scriptures, Church teaching & Tradition why Christ will come back on Pentecost Sunday. Booklets come with papers and are sold as a SET. Also, Father Noel Barbara’s dynamic lecture, “Why the Vatican II Popes cannot be Popes.”   C/D, 90 min. long. Send $35.00 postpaid. Add $10.00 for Overseas. Without the C/D $25:00

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