Hello Everyone. Don’t forget the Litany of St. Joseph for March 19th Feast Day

The litany of St. Joseph, one of only six approved by the Church for public as well as private use, sums up qualities that made him such an important part of the Holy Family (pictured above).

Although he does not appear much in scripture, this “just man” (as he is called in Matthew 1:19), a humble carpenter, served our Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary faithfully as His “foster-father” and her “chaste guardian,” as he is called below.
In referring to St. Joseph as a “diligent protector” of Christ, this litany brings to mind his important role in taking Mary and the infant child Jesus to Egypt to protect our Lord from being killed by King Herod (Matt 3:13-16).

The Litany of St. Joseph, in referring to him as a “patron of the dying” gives one of many examples of his patronage. The faithful ask for his assistance for workers, home buyers (and sellers) and, of course, carpenters, among many others! When this litany is prayed in public, the congregation responds to a leader with the words in italics.

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us. 

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Of the book of the Apocalypse, every living person alive right now is an American

Test your geography knowledge - Americas: countries map quiz | Lizard Point  Quizzes

Posted today on my web site where I said I would explain later that all the living persons and some other revelations in the book of the Apocalypse have to do with America. First you have to understand that all these Vatican II popes are all AntiChrists as I explain in my 22 Mysteries of the Faith article and elsewhere.

In reading an article in the RNS one of the writers stated that we have our first American pope. So I thought to myself, hey, that would also make him the first American “AntiChrist.”  Remember I had the first and Main False prophet in the Apocalypse as the Rev Billy Graham, who was succeeded by President Trump and now, (St) Joseph Biden. Remember every coin has two sides but still the same coin. ALL American. The Church takes refuge in the United States Apoc. 12:14. The Eagle is the symbol of the U.S. here.

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Saint Patrick’s Breastplate

Did St. Patrick rid Ireland of serpents? | Endangered Living

The prayer is part of the Liber Hymnorum, an 11th-century collection of hymns found in two manuscripts kept in Dublin.[2] It is also present, in a more fragmentary state, in the 9th-century Vita tripartita Sancti Patricii. It was edited in 1888 (Vita Tripartita), in 1898 (Liber Hymnorum), and again published in 1903 in the Thesaurus Paleohibernicus.

The text as edited by Stokes (1888) is here shown alongside the literal translation due to Todd (1864):[11]  Please continue to recite the prayer

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Canadian father facing prison for not cooperating with teenage daughter’s “transition” to a male by “gender clinic.”

Few of us understand how truly evil and tyrannical public officials can become in their efforts to appease the LGBT movement’s unbridled obsession with pushing their agenda on children. Unfortunately, most people don’t contemplate that previously unimaginable excesses by the state (as writers like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn warned us) are never too far away. MORE VIDEO

Vatican Rules Out Blessings for Same-Sex Relationships

See how these hypocrites work. Francis gave out his approval of gay relationships 10 days before the election, which helped Biden get elected. So, because he has been taken heat, which he thought would go away,  reverses himself. That’s the way ALL con-artists work their game.

ROME—The Vatican on Monday forbade blessings of same-sex relationships, contradicting calls for the practice by progressive bishops in Germany and elsewhere, and setting a limit to the conciliatory approach to gay people that has marked Pope Francis’ pontificate. MORE