Joseph Saraceno’s reply to a protestant’s complaint about our devotion to our Lady

It all started with the Angel Gabriel. Hail full of Grace.

Now, Martin Luther changed that to, Highly favored one. So in the beginning we had the “Our Father” the “Hail Mary” full of Grace… pray for us sinners… Then came the “Apostles Creed”. I believe in God the Father Almighty… which eventually became the Rosary in the 1400’s.

Believe it or not, the early Lutheran’s continued reciting the Rosary up until 75 years ago. Just as all women wore head covering in Church up until 75 years ago.

Now, it’s true that some Catholics go overboard with Our Lady, but Protestants do the same thing with the Bible. You act as if the Bible is The only word of God. If that were true, then the Holy Ghost died at the last book of the Bible. To explain this, the word Sunday is not in the Bible but we know it as, the ‘Lords day’.

In the Book of revelation 1:10 tells us and many other places that the Lord will come back of Sunday. Middle East time. However, because the world is round it will be late Saturday night in the West depending on the time in the East. That’s why Our Lord said you do not know the day or the hour because it depends where you are in the world.

Also the book of Revelation makes it clear that this revelation is coming from all three persons of the Trinity. So, on further investigation, I discovered through the Bible and Tradition that, that Sunday will be Pentecost Sunday but not until after the AntiChrist goes to Jerusalem for the gathering of the Religions. So you see, it’s all in understanding how we got to where we are today. As for the Bible’s, I recommend the one’s printed in the 50’s. They’re the best. So rejoice in the glory of His return.

God bless, in Christ, Joseph.