Traditional Catholics and the Masonic Smokescreen

The End of the Present World and Mysteries of the Future Life

In his book “The End of the Present World” the Rev. Armingon states that Saint Paul informs us that Christ will not return until we enter into the “Great Apostasy” and that this Apostasy will surpass all that has been seen in previous times. That the AntiChrist (AntiChrists) will magnify against (with) every god. He will persecute . . . . Jews, Schismatics, Heretics, deists  . . . . with the result in the disappearance of all religions . . . . Freemasonry, Carbonarism, Illuminism, and all the subversive societies.

They will have assisted unintentionally in bringing about that reign of unity foretold by the Apostles. Now, all of us know now, that the Rev. Armingon was referring to the Vatican II Council, and that the Council came about through these Catholic Popes who no matter what anyone says were all Catholic priests. The point is that antichrist has to be a priest, a Roman catholic priest, bishop and or pope. Just as the First true AntiChrist was identified by St. John the Apostle as the High Priest of the Jewish faith as Caiaphas.

Just as Saint JOHN the Baptist was the precursor of the Messiah, Pope JOHN XXIII was the precursor of the first AntiChrist Paul VI, now even though from Paul VI on, these popes lost their authority which caused the Church to go into the wilderness (Apoc. 12). But they are still bishops or at least priests, if you have no priests you have no AntiChrists. So, my friends, the Lord’s return has to be immediate or we will run out of AntiChrists who again brought all or most of the Religions to abandon their own Orthodoxy, which, by the way, once you abandon your Orthodoxy you have abandoned your faith for the Religion of AntiChrist.In as much the interfaith Gospel and Religions,  wipes out all the sects of power but not necessarily out of existence as the Scriptures indicate and as the Rev. Armingon and countless others have pointed out all through the centuries.
My parentheses indicate corrections in Rev. Armingon’s findings.

Grace be with you, In Christ, Joseph