Does the Monster Energy Drinks have the “666” mark of the Beast

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Does the Monster Energy Drinks have the “666” mark of the Beast

The enclosed you tube video seems to think it does but others say be the judge. This is my assessment as best as I can do..

The video claims that the three Hebrew LETTERS on the can which look like their number 7 in Hebrew which does mean 6 are really 666. However the letters 7= VAV in Hebrew depends how it’s used. God connects Heaven and Earth. Adam and Eve. One can be Hooked on Alcohol. Now in no way do you have a 6 connection in these words, and , hooked or connect.  It’s just coincidental that it’s the 6th letter of their Alphabet,

On the other hand, by using the Jewish language, the Jews,  are associated by their 6 days of the creation teachings and are known as the Religion of 6 plus 1 The seventh day is the day of rest, the Sabbath.  Now in the Jewish religion, (which by the way we came from) the promise of the Messiah is a reflection of the Sabbath. Seven days makes the perfect week, hence when the Messiah comes in the world, the Church becomes in it’s perfect State of Seven, without the Messiah the Church is in its imperfect or incomplete state of 6. It’s just that simple. The 6 pointed Star on their flag and in the Temple they have a seven candelabra stand. The one in the middle holds the other six and represents the Messiah and is never lighted until the Messiah comes into the world.

However one has to understand why St. John used the term 666 against the Jews.  First of all, John did not write, Six hundred and sixty six. Even though Solomon? asked for Six hundred & sixty six gold coins for the up keep of the temple.  (1)At this period in Church history the gospel was preached through most of the Roman empire. So by now the synagogues who got converted became Churches and the ones that didn’t change began to attack and persecute Christian Jews. I must remind you that the Jews had a treaty with the Romans except with those who revolted in Jerusalem. So now you have Christians being attacked and persecuted by the Jews and Romans. Now in the Jewish faith. when you want to Damn or curse someone, a race or country, you would say it THREE times, as woe woe woe. Because John is angered by the Jews he calls them out by naming them the, Synagogue of Satan, six six six. Jew Jew Jew.  Wait, I’m not finished. You must understand that the early church was also combating traitors and heretics among the rank and file and John is also giving us a warning for the future and end times where the church will once again undergo these same persecutions.
The mark on the hand or on the foreheads is mistranslated. It’s hand and head which is a Jewish mark of Slavery to God which the Jews wear to this very day. Their called Phylacteries and comes from Ex.13:9 & Deut. 6:8 -11:13.Now in the future, the Christian Church takes the place of the Jewish faith and becomes the perfect, or complete state of the faith because of Christ it has its 7th candle lighted and until the Jews have their Messiah  they will always be in the imperfect 6 candle state as a Religion.

Today’s mark of the Beast starts with Pope John XXIII. Briefly, when he called the Council, he stated that he wanted to bring all the Christians together. But what he meant was he wanted to bring all the Religions together. To do this, they would have to make Jesus just another prophet. That’s why they came out with new Bibles. They took out those passages which made Jesus Divine. (2) So once these changes were approved by Paul VI, he took the Church of Christ and brought it back to the imperfect state of six of the Jews. Now all the Religions who go along with these Changes have accepted the “Mark of the Beast,” Which today is just about the Majority.

In so far as the drink itself goes with the little cross on the O on Monster, one is not committing a sacrilege when you raise up the can to drink from it. For one thing, the Jewish letters are also brought upside down as well.I would just guess, the reason for the cross might be his partner may be a converted Christian

In Christ, Joseph

(1)  3 Kings 10:14(2)  Marks of the Beast

Rodney Sacks is chairman and CEO of energy drink maker Monster Beverage Corporation. Sacks and his business partner Hilton Schlosberg, Monster’s CFO, are native South Africans. They bought drinks company Hansen Natural in 1992.Hilton Schlosberg is British, religion not disclosed.

Rodney Cyril Sacks[3] was born and grew up in South Africa. His parents were Lithuanian-Jewish immigrants.[citation needed]

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