Prayers for Father Collins

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Father Joseph Collins  Pastor of St. Michael’s Chapel is seriously sick with what may be liver cancer. Please keep him in your prayers. Father Collins took the place of Bishop J. Vida Elmer who was the author of “The Smoke of the Antichrist.” Bishop Elmer gave me permission to print and distribute his booklet which I continue to do to this very day.
I met Father Collins in 1998. He was one of the speakers at the “Restoration Conference,”  in Glendale California. I expressed my concern to him that the Apostate Church could not bring about a True Pope anymore. As a result, his lecture became; “The Restoration will not come through the Conciliar Church.”
So, again,  please keep him in your prayers. One of the faithful warriors in the fight against these AntiChrist popes.

St. Michael Chapel & Shrine
507 Rt. 9W, Glenmont, NY 12077
Frs. Joseph Collins, (518) 462-2016

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Golden Gate Bridge Toll To Cost Nearly $10 By 2023 Toll booths for the Mexican Canadian borders folks.

We need Toll booths for the Mexican Canadian borders folks. Keep writing or calling your Congress people.

Effective enforcement and security at the borders, ” Referring to these expenses and it’s budget. Recommending we put in toll booths to pay for these expenses and take it away from the tax payers. Over 200,000 cars cross the Mexican U.S. border per day.  At $2.00 per car, that’s $400,000 dollars a day. Add Canada, foreign Airlines ships and think of other jobs created from it. Once all the expenses are paid for, this will eventually be a good source of income and help elevate our national debt. It costs $7.00 just to go over the Golden Gate Bridge. Hello! VIDEO