My reply to Father Francis Miller

Sorry your argument was for an out-of-date Second Amendment which was not intended for a militia.
You are wrong. it was not merely for a militia. it was for defending private rights from the federal government.
In 242 years of this country we have never been ruled by any dictator or needed to be protected by the Federal government which is made up our elected members of the community.

Read your history and you will understand the second amendment was a reaction to the abuse of the British government in the face of the Scots who in a treaty lay down their arms and were enslaved in a short period afterwards. The Scots fled to the United States and here refuse to lay down their arms. The Second Amendment is to protect persons from tyranical  government. You, who argue for the Antichrist coming, should first of all appreciate private rights in the face of tyranny.
If the Government has weapons, the public should too.  That is how you prevent tyranny.
Hogwash! Never did we take up arms against this country except for the civil war.
Perhaps you mean to suggest that the Catholic Scotts deserved to be murdered and enslaved, raped and pillaged by the English, as they got the government they deserved.  Pardon, i will stay by the Church which argues for property rights.
 I do not understand your argument at all, it makes no sense that now you are turning to insurance companies as being the enemy when this is not been even entered into the discussion. We have a constitutional amendment to defend weapon rights, insurance companies are not in the Constitution.  Do not change the subject.
Insurance company’s and bankers regulate our lives and government than any other single agency. And that’s a fact. You need to do more research not me.
 Nor did you address the issue of why you are anxious about doing away with gun rights when bombs may be used, knives may be used, fire may be used. Why did you not address that and insist on removing those items from our society?! As those wepons may be in schools too!
This statement is ludicrous, killers have for the most part chosen automated firing rifles.
 Why do you not mention removing the insane from our society? those who are mad with hatred? This is the real problem.  The pattern is for mentally Disturbed people to use the weapons not good people but people with long histories of being deranged.  For persons already known to finally carry out their open threats.  Or do we deserve …that we not require our police and public officers to do their duty?  because we get the government we deserve for our sins.   What kind of dysfunctional government do you intend to erect? Why do you not hold officials accountable?
President Reagan cut funding for mental institutions, blame him. Also the Sacraments are the main source of exorcism which has lost it’s strength as a result of the new church that’s why we have more mental cases than ever before.
You disappoint me greviously!
Don’t blame your ignorance on me. I don’t disappoint God who called me.
Your Not upholding the Natural law will not dispose, nor encourage men to hear and believe the Supernatural revelation, so do not blame Rome if you will ignore what the Church teaches of the natural law and property rights.
The Church teaches us that “Only God gives us liberty and SIN is the main ingredient for slavery.
Quit hating on Rome and here where you can, teach what the Church does teach!
I don’t hate anyone, I hate HERESY and SIN
Humble yourself.
Retract your post!

I’m one of the two witness of the Apocalypse, stupid. You are not fit to be a priest.