The Fatima message started off with a request of amendment of life

The Fatima message started off with a request of amendment of life and devotion to her Immaculate Heart.

Once again, In adhering to our Lady’s request of prayer and penance,  the current trend that unless “all of Our Lady’s requests are implemented,” all is in vain in obtaining restoration in the Church and in the world. But that’s the problem. It has been in vain because Our Lady’s requests have been rejected by the Church and the world in general. Adding to the confusion was Pope John XXIII refusal to disclose the Fatima secret in 1960, then two years later we had the opening of the (gates of Hell) Vatican II Council, in Apocalypse 9.

Once Paul VI started implementing the heretical teachings of the Council every decent Catholic had to focus on the preservation of the faith, not to mention the decay of our moral standards in all aspects of our society here in the United States of America. Even Satan found his way to the Fatima shrine in Portugal by having Hindu Ritual Performed at Fatima Shrine  May 5, 2004.
It’s no wonder Russia and the Russian Orthodox church has distance themselves from the west and the Vatican II Church. Whats ironic is the Fatima Catholics are still praying for the conversion of Russia and the restoration of the Church. Asking for the conversion of Russia when Russia has today a higher standard of values then America and the western countries. Shouldn’t we be praying for America and our western allies? What about the restoration of the Church? It’s been at least 50 years since the council and if anything Traditionalists are more divided now then they were 50 years ago. I see Satan, of late, weaving and twisting the so called Fatima prophecies into Divine and Public prophices,  One common fake statement is that, Fatima is Public and divine Revelation too, and it’s believed by a great number of Traditionalist. God, it’s hard to believe what Catholics believe today. We are adopting Protestantism  by way of Fatima. Many have accused me of doing the same thing but there is NO comparison..When it comes to the AntiChrist’s we can’t know who they are until they come into the world. Well there here and all I did was point them out from the Bible. Also without these AntiChrists there cannot be any Second Coming of Christ either. They both go together. Just like a Priest and the Mass. No Mass no priest, no Priest, no Mass.
In concluding, I have submitted  a copy of this cigarette ad from Turkey, which states “The new long Fatima DOUBLED it’s Smokers.”  Now this Fatima was one of the “prophet Muhammad’s,” favorite daughters. So here Satan is using Muhammad’s, favorite daughter to spread CANCER among their people. So now Satan is doing the same thing with today’s Catholics. Spreading his cancerous teachings through Our Lady of Fatima among  faithful Catholics.
May the Lord have mercy on us all in the coming few years left. Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph