We have to fix this

This is outrageous!

Politicians on the left trying to “cleanse” our history. The NFL disrespecting our country and our veterans. Lying politicians, saying one thing to voters, then going to Washington and doing the exact opposite. But we can fix that, together!

I never thought I’d see these things happening today, when I fought to defend the country in the Gulf War. It’s like the Constitution doesn’t matter. Respect for our freedoms or institutions doesn’t matter.

It started with Never Trumpers like Barbara Comstock, obstructing to the President to appease their liberal friends and donors.

It continued with those like Loudoun Supervisor Ron Meyer who voted to take down the Civil War era statues and stop the telling of our history.

It culminated recently with NFL millionaires disrespecting the country that has given them so much, because they generally feel oppressed.

Wow. All of us should be so “oppressed”.

They even chastised a West Point Army vet for stepping on the field to salute the flag against the coach’s wishes.

Look, amidst all the unhinged liberal antics going on in the country right now, we have a President who- agree with him or not- was elected to get things done. We have a Congress who lied to us all and has been a roadblock to him, going back on promises made less than a year ago.

Joe, it’s time to fight back!

It’s 5 days to go before a big reporting deadline, and we’re still $10,000 from our goal.

We need your help to hold Barbara Comstock accountable for her broken record!

Every dollar we raise, every donor we report, sends a powerful message to the Establishment on Capitol Hill:

No more lies. No more broken promises. No more weasel words. Back the President, follow the constitution and get things done! We can show respect for our country, show respect to our President and do the things we promise.

Remember, we have 5 days to raise $10,000. We can do it, but I need your help urgently today. We can send them a message, but I need you to help me send it.

Up in Pennsylvania, RINO Charlie Dent got the message- when confronted by Trump supporters, he retired rather than face accountability for his record. Let’s send RINO Barbara Comstock the same message!

In liberty,


P.S. The end of the quarter where Federal candidates have to show their financial information to the public is in 9 days. Will you contribute $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000 to help me reach my goal of $50,000 raised?