Coptic Pope visits Jerusalem

eddbaI had planed to write to him but had to many other priorities. Looks like he’s heading towards the inter Faith Gospel of AntiChrist.

Pope Tawadros II has arrived in Jerusalem in a historic visit that marks the first time that a head of the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church has visited the city since Israel’s occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967.

The website of the Coptic Church in Jerusalem said the pope’s only reason for the visit on Thursday was to attend the funeral prayer of the Bishop of Jerusalem Anba Abraham, the head of the Coptic Church in the Holy Land, who died on Wednesday. MORE

El Salvador condemns bishop accused of raping girl

BISHOPSan Salvador (AFP) – A “well-loved” senior bishop in El Salvador who is also a prominent Church historian was Friday condemned by government officials and a rights organization after being accused of repeatedly raping a girl in the 1980s.

Bishop Jesus Delgado, 77, was on Thursday suspended from his functions as number three in the country’s archdiocese after the alleged victim, today a 42-year-old woman, came forward with her account. MORE

VIDEO: Who is buying ISIL’s oil?

OILISOn the face of it, it looks like any state-run oil industry.

Engineers, managers and traders all help extract, refine and distribute oil, which makes its way across Syria and Iraq, as well as overseas.

But this is no state-run company. This is the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s (ISIL) lifeline – a business that provides the armed group with more revenue than any other source. MORE


VIDEO: Las Vegas priest’s journey spans 2 states, 3 languages

vegas%20priestSunlight is just starting to filter through the palms east of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in downtown Las Vegas when The Rev. Courtney Edward Krier begins his day.

At 7 a.m., the priest’s floor-length black cassock sweeps along the courtyard of the church on the corner of Ninth Street and Ogden Avenue as he pours out old holy water in preparation for his first Mass of a long day. Back inside, he fills the large, silver pot with water from the kitchen tap and carries it down a narrow hallway and into the elaborate church, where it is placed by the door and blessed for use by congregants in ritual purification as they enter the church. MORE


Mesmerizing NASA Animation Shows Our Planet’s Yearly Plant Cycle

The yearly cycle of Earth’s ecosystem is simply beautiful.

As the seasons change throughout a year, the density of plant growth on land and in oceans fluctuates. NASA scientists recently imaged that yearly cycle in a stunning new animation.

The animation does not showcase a specific year of the annual plant life cycle, rather it shows an average yearly cycle based on an accumulation of satellite data and images, including data sets of the average over years and a “running average” over a certain number of days.

Francis’s priestly ordination…One is always innocent until proven guilty.

ordiI sent this to  and they ignored it. I asked them to PROVE to me that Francis was ordained in the new rite. They never responded.

Most countries were not in a hurry to adopt the new rites. In “The Order of Melchisedech” by Michael Davies (1995) states that the episcopate of Argentina had refused to adopt these new rites. When they finally adopted them is unknown but most certainly after 1969. This would conclude that Jorge Bergoglio was in fact ordained according to the traditional rite for priests. As for the new rite of consecration of a Bishop, no one can say dogmatically that it’s not a valid rite. I’ve read it through and compared it to the old rite and found it having the same basic wording only in a different arrangement and valid to me. If you go back to the time of the Apostles there was very little formality in consecrating a Bishop or an Apostle..

In Hawthorne, CA. my church of St. Josephs did not adopt the new Mass until 1971. I was there when the changes took place and even saved one of the original Missalettes. So they disobeyed pope Paul VI edict,  on the time table, as well…So did a lot of countries.

In Christ, Joseph