Downtown Vegas church wins parking skirmish with city

PARKING_005_1Like Jesus driving the money changers out of the temple, the Rev. Courtney Edward Krier has managed to shoo the city of Las Vegas away from his downtown church’s doorstep.

Last weekend, Krier, who presides over Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church on Ogden Avenue and Ninth Street, noticed city workers had bored holes to mount a parking meter next to a streetlight just feet from the church’s front door.

The planned meter — along with a new sign telling congregants to “Pay to Park” — proved too much for the pastor, who started working the phones on Monday. MORE

VIDEO: Yellowstone Alert! Men In Orange Suits At Old Faithful Geyser

Yellowstone could blow any day, many are in agreement with that statement.  Lurking beneath Old Faithful, scientists have long known there was a supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park Helium4 may be leaking which is toxic to all living things, thus the orange suits. They must be measuring the bad news. A precursor to an eruption is the Helium4 gases prior to the major blow. MORE

10 Ways to Live without Refrigeration

cabbagesRecently, a friend and her family camped on our homestead and spent a long weekend with us.  They got to see first hand how we live without electricity and running water.  She sent me a message recently with a recipe she thought that I might want to try: Smoothie Popsicles.  It made me laugh so hard!  I told her that they looked delicious, but I have two problems. I don’t have a blender and I can’t freeze anything!  It’s hard to understand what it means to live off grid. MORE

VIDEO: Iran’s military ‘fires at and seizes US cargo ship’

BREAIranian forces have reportedly fired at and seized a US cargo ship with 34 sailors on board, according to Saudi Arabian state TV.

The vessel has been directed to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas on the southern coast, Al-Arabiya has reported.

It remains unclear why or if the ship was captured, and whether the shots injured anyone on-board, as neither US nor Iranian officials have confirmed the allegations. The US Fifth Fleet off the coast of Bahrain had no immediate comment on the report, according to Reuters. MORE

Justice Ginsburg ‘has already made up her mind’ about gay marriage ahead of Supreme Court ruling on legalizing it across the U.S.

_Ginsburg_has_What do you expect from a woman Jew judge?

Did you know that in past Church teachings it was against  the law for a women to be a Judge? Among other things.  1917 code of canon Law.  In Christ, Joseph

Note: Just saw this and thought I would pass on. Not only do I believe Ginsburg long ago made up her mind to war against the Constitution, but so have most of the other bought-off, corporate, bar attorney, “justices”.
Welcome to gay America where everyone is on the MAKE and everyone in authority is on the TAKE! It’s almost enough to make you throw-up.
P.S. Say goodbye to the Christian religion too. The Judas goat, traitors in the churches are taking care of that one. BTW, get a look at that kisser…wow! Doesn’t she really resemble the wicked witch of the west? Nah, the wicked witch had more class!
Ginsburg, who has sat on the court since 1993, has been unusually open about her opinions ahead of the cases. MORE

Republicans woo Jewish donors

JOOWOOLong before voters begin paying attention to the 2016 presidential contest, the quiet race for the Republican Party’s most elite donors was well under way in recent days as potential candidates made a pilgrimage west to court prolific spender Sheldon Adelson and other members of the Republican Jewish Coalition. MORE