You always hurt the one you love, the one you shouldn’t hurt at all:

March 3, 2018  M/O St. Joseph
Most of us can remember that song from the past and it has a logical meaning since love and hate are one of those emotions which effects all of us who are in a close relationship with a loved one.
When it comes to Traditional Catholics and because of the changes brought about because of the Vatican II Council the hurt and confusion hasn’t ceased since the offset.

When you think of all the harm the Communists, Protestants, Masons and Jews have caused the Church over the years you would think the Traditional faithful would rise up against the divisions. Suffice to say that pride, purse, power and politics effects us all as much as the rest of society. The question is how serious are these differences in relation with the “Deposit of Faith?”  First, let’s Identify the deposit of faith which is made up of, The Hierarchy, the Bible and Tradition.  Unfortunately most traditionalists do not have or want a Formal Jurisdictional Hierarchy to begin with, for the most part.
As far as I’m concern all Traditionalists who reject the new mass are Sede Vacantists. As for the Sede Vacantists, unless they have the AntiChrists of the Bible sitting on the chair their schismatic. So lets look at some of the divisional subjects.
The new Sacraments and Bibles, 1943 calendar and the 1952 calendar, and yet the 1943 calendar has Pope Pius V, which comes from the ’53 calendar. Baptism of water, Baptism of desire & Blood, Papal mandate, communion on good Friday, new or old fast days.
I ‘ve been told that one priest in Ohio allows their young members seeking marriage partners to go to the new church to find partners with the hope of getting them to join up with his traditional group. On the other hand, he will not allow them to seek partners at other traditional groups. I’m sure most of us have experienced these problems.
Another problem Catholics have is that many have been Democratized. I’m on face book and most of my friends on there are traditional , conservative or new church Catholics and for the most part, when attacking (pope) Francis or other prelates or even politicians. Hello, Slander, fake news or lying are still a SIN but you would never know it with them.
Another reason we are in the state we are in today is many of the Fathers who left the new church , after Vatican II, to protect the integrity of the faith. were mislead by their interpretation of the Bible, to assume that what was going on in Rome was only temporary. I can remember many of them saying, oh don’t worry, in 20 or 25 years from now everything will return to normal. Ha, I shook my head. All of them are dead now and left us holding the bag, as they say. I’m so happy I did not take their advice.I helped establish many Churches in these 45 years.
We need to remind ourselves that whenever we preach or teach, we must always carry with it ordinary or extra ordinary infallibility. We must also understand that there is no such thing as new divine revelation and that all was given to us from the last book of the Bible the Church and Tradition. At the same time we must also realize that all of those future prophecies are not fully explainable until they happen and in order to explain them one has to expertly be knowledgeable of the Scriptures. The Popes, the Doctors, the Fathers the Saints and least of all the venerable or private revelations in the past  before Vatican Council II do not and can not. (5th Lateran Council)
As many of you know,  I myself deal in eschatology and have given lectures and have booklets and writings on these subjects, which by the way have been approved by some of the Traditional Bishops and Fathers. I’m not bragging or complaining just stating that I have been blessed and show it by my writings and findings on these subjects. To prove my point, I have given the Catholic world over 21 mysteries of the faith which could not ever be revealed without the Vatican II Council, current events related to the Scriptures.
In concluding, the bottom line is we ALL HAVE TO LIVE OUR CATHOLIC FAITH and in so doing remember that our first responsibility is to the TRUTHS that the Church teaches. To observe and follow our responsibilities with the spirit of, Joy, Gladness and Jubilation. I know it isn’t easy but all you need to do is reflect on your gift of having to be part of the greatest event in the history of the Church, the last battle of good and evil and the Second Coming of Christ.
One more thing, God is not stupid, He knows the problems we are facing and has made provisions to protect us. I have been working for Him (Trinity) for over 50 years now and in all those years I myself have not seen or have heard of one single Traditional Catholic being killed just for being a Traditional Catholic. If anything, I will be most lucky to be the first one.
Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph