Why the Church takes Refuge in the United States during the End Times

Those of you who know me are aware that I announced the second coming of Christ in March 1970. I had also made a couple of banners which were a reflection of the Book of the Apocalypse Chapter 12., Joel 2:31 and Acts 2:20. Our Lady, or (Church) clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet. Only I made my banner to have an eclipse of the sun and put Our Lady in the center, then put twelve crosses (for stars) around her on the edge of the moon, like the back of the miraculous medal. I also alluded, too, that this banner represents the Church going into the wilderness as a result of the immorality of the 60’s followed by the Vatican II Council at the same time. I was hoping to rally the Blue Army groups of Our Lady behind these banners to combat the evils of our times.

Each group’s banner would have Our Lady of their choice: Fatima, Guadalupe, Grace, Lourdes, Mt. Carmel, etc. However, no following developed.  I resorted to pictures and pictured magnets you could put on the back of one’s car. A picture of my  banner is on the cover of my, The Great Apostasy Booklet, and more on my web site.

Any of you who have read my “Great Apostasy,” booklet should know that I have the Protestant Rev. Billy Graham mentioned in the book of the Apoc. 17 & 18. as the false prophet. (If he should die his reign would continue under the leadership of his son or even President Trump). I give my reasons for this in my booklet and documents. As you know Billy Graham and I are both Americans. Also the first sede vacantist group in the world was CMRI.org located in the U.S.

As many of you who, again, know me, and know that I’m very well versed with the scriptures, also know I’m the only man in history to tell you why Christ would come back on Pentecost Sunday and at least 21 other mysteries which would have been impossible to explain without the Vatican II Council. But of late, I had gotten hold Fr. S. Berry’s Book, “The Apocalypse of St. John.” Before this, I found Father Kramer’s “The Book of Destiny” and Rev. Dr. P. Huchede’s History of AntiChrist to be the most useful with my Apocalypse conclusions.Father Berry’s book adds another dimension to the subject, and whenever I had a question in one. I could now go to the others and compare. What caught my attention was his take on Apoc. 12:14  In this new danger the Church received the wings of an Eagle to defend her and carry her to a place of REFUGE which God has prepared. The wings are the Armies sent in defense of the Church by some Nation that remains faithful.” (p. 127). However, as we all know, NO Nation came to the aid of the Church at the close of the Vatican II Council; but the first group of sede vacantists (CMRI) took flight here in the United States of America (1968). 
St. John states that we will have a Bishop who will lead the faithful during these times,…”who say they are Apostles and are not….Apoc. 2:2…..and I will give him a white pebble, 2.17″ .in this case, St. John is addressing the Bishops, and in the future as of today is Bishop Pivarunas
The United States has the symbol of an Eagle where the Church takes refuge till Christ comes back. Not to mention that our country is one of the 3 major powers of the world. So there you are my friends, how can anyone deny, or at least any Sede Vacantes deny that yes, the United States of America is the Eagle in the book of the Apocalypse where the Church takes refuge here in these end times.

It was also brought to my attention that the “Man of Sin,” Paul VI gave the Papal Crown, (Tiara) to the United States. He gave it to Cardinal Spellman in 1964. What happen after that I’m not sure but I just found out that it’s in the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Washington D. C. Now, if anything this helps me with my thesis why the Church takes refuge in the U. S. in the end times. We even have the Crown here also.

Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph  Note, this article was written about 20 years ago. Updated June 13, 2019—St. Anthony and the week of the Testimonial General judgment closing of Pentecost.