Why are Traditionalists in Denial of Reality?

 6-15-17  Corpus Christi
But you ask, aren’t we the members of the true faith? The light of the world, who cannot be mislead or deceived?  My friends, Satan is laughing all the way to the Bank. Traditionalist are more divided or confused now than they were 45 years ago. Just look at the split now occurring in the SSPX group.  Even the Sede Vacantists are Sede Vacantists without an AntiChrist and how in the world will the consecration of Russia reverse Vatican Council II?  When Pope John XXIII called the council he stated that he wanted to bring the Christian Religions together, however he really meant ALL of the religions together. By the way, you will find Pope John XXIII in the book of the Apocalypse chapter IX.

Now even though Pope John XXIII did not mention that he meant ALL of the religions, it became obvious during and after the council what he meant. It doesn’t take much of a brain to figure out that the only way you’re going to bring ALL of the religions together is for CATHOLIC’S to accept changes in our Religion. In as much as many Traditionalist Fathers saw the Sacramental and discipline changes, most glossed over the Biblical changes. Most forgot that the Bible is one of the three aspects of the “Deposit of Faith,” which MUST be believed and is used in the Liturgy. It was the Biblical changes that began to reduce our Lords ranking from the Messiah to just another prophet. The one main passage changed was Isaias 7:14, from a virgin shall conceive to a young woman with child. So once you accumulate all the changes, it becomes a logical conclusion that all the Religions are now equal because none of these groups have a GOD anymore, and so stated by the council in # 9, Nostra Aetate. ” (1)  “God uses other Christian Churches and NON-Christian religions in offering salvation to all humankind; the Catholic Religion is not the only means of salvation.”  Now my friends, it is inexcusable for any Catholic priest not to know that these teachings of the council are excommunication-AL acts because they contradict previous dogmatic councils. The reason that those Fathers who gloss over this,  is because they will not, or cannot explain to you that there has been a complete break in the line of popes. On the other hand, those Sede Vacantists who don’t accept these popes as the AntiChrists are no different than the others who say they are popes.
I have enclosed this letter by Father Cooper which typifies what I have just written. The sad part is, not much has changed from these groups to this very day and it only proves what I have been saying for the last 47 to 50 years. If we don’t all help in defending the facts of the Lords imminent return, our prayers will, for the most part, be in vain. Woe, Woe, Woe.  Grace be with you. In Christ, Joseph
(1) The HarperCollins Encyclopedia of Catholicism 1991    Vatican Council II   www.catholicendtimetruths.com
From the Desk of the Editor               Printed in the Angelus August 1988  Volume XI, Number 8
July 22, 1988 Dear Friends and Readers:
If I sound bitter, please forgive me, I don’t mean to be; if I sound angry it’s because we have every right to a righteous anger. Anger over this hypocrisy, this ecumenism that embraces everyone and everything except the true Faith!
The attacks are beginning to come. Threats of excommunication hang over even those who attend the Traditional Mass. Many newspapers and magazines make it sound as if we’re all excommunicated already. Now, let’s get serious! To quote one Traditionalist: “I could go to hell for a lot of things, but it won’t be because I follow Archbishop Lefebvre.” Their hypocrisy is ridiculous, almost laughable, except that it’s so sad. We’re in schism you say? For what? Disobedience? Disobedience in what? Because we won’t follow the liberalism and modernism and join them in THEIR apostasy from the Faith? How can we be in disobedience to Rome when we’re doing what all the popes and saints have taught and done for nearly 2,000 years. Tradition, adherence to the Truth, is greater than obedience. Yes, we will obey Rome, and we do obey Rome-in all things that correspond to tradition. Will Fr. Curran and Fr. Schillebeckxx do the same? No way! Will the feminists, homosexuals and free-thinkers do the same? Not a chance! (Dare we say it?) Will the American bishops do the same? I wonder, I really do wonder. Since when has it been tradition to make false religions equal to the true Faith? And that’s what Archbishops Bevilacqua and Hannan have done! (see pages 14 and 16) They allow the Lutherans and Methodists to consecrate their bishops in the Catholic Cathedral and shutter in horror that Archbishop Lefebvre performs a Catholic consecration of bishops. The whole Catholic world pretends we’re worse than Protestants. (If we had all become “born-again” Christians, charismatics or even Buddhists, there would’ve been no uproar. They’d embrace us and ask us about the religious experience we had that converted us!) It’s ok to be a Protestant, but not a traditional Catholic, what hypocrisy! I suppose by their actions that if Msgr. Lefebvre was an Anglican, Lutheran or Methodist, everything would be fine. Consecrate bishops? Wonderful! Use my church! The real rub is that they don’t accept us because we don’t go along with their scheme (which is the scheme of the devil) for a one-world religion. They want to water down Catholicism to make it acceptable to the whole world, to all religions. And because we refuse to bend, to give up even one iota of our Faith, we must be rejected. All others are accepted, but not those who claim to have the Truth. 
I think you’ll find this month’s Angelus excellent reading. Fr. Laisney opens it on page two by responding to Archbishop May’s demand to traditional Catholics, “to make a choice” between Archbishop Lefebvre and the new church. Also don’t miss what Our Lord said to a priest concerning Archbishop Lefebvre, that’s on page three. The only regret I have this month is that Fr. Carl’s popular column does not appear. He was on retreat, but his column, Ask Me, will return next month.
I wish you an abundance of blessings during these last few weeks of the Marian year.
Let us try to honor the Blessed Mother with a special devotion during August, that the consecration of Russia to her might be hastened.

-Fr. Daniel Cooper