Whomever wins this Presidential election, might be our last President

2020 presidential debate live updates: Biden vs. Trump

Barring he die’s, gets impeached, or resigns in Office. Many of you may be aware that I felt the same way about Benedict XVI but he outsmarted me by resigning. However, he’s still alive and could still be here when Christ comes back. Another coincidence we have, is that when the two witnesses were killed, (John the Baptist & Jesus) back then, we had two High Priests. Annas and Caiphas.

Now this might be the case today with today’s two witnesses. However, these two will both be resurrected after 4 days. By the way, there’s one more in Apocalypse 11:1, the witness that measures the attendance of the people in the Temple of God. I think he will be a religious.

Also in my 1991 lecture I stated that one of these AntiChrist popes will clash with the Jews, according to the Book of the Apocalypse. 17:16. It was Benedict XVI over the Bishop Williamson’s denial of the Holocausts and the approval the 62 Missal for SSPX. They wanted Rev. Williamson excommunicated and many Jews were not aware of the Missal changes that were considered Anti Semitic.

Before the time of this private lecture, AntiChrist pope John Paul II was the first pope to go into a Jewish Synagogue. April 13, 1986. So he was loved by the Jews during his reign. He also stated in April 3, 1994 that, “Jerusalem will become the city of peace for the entire world.”

Remember that pope John XXIII was the precursor of the first AntiChrist (Paul VI) and the one who opens the gates of hell, (Vatican II Council)  Apocalypse 9. Just as John the Baptist was the precursor of the Christ.

Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph