What will the new SSPX Superior General mean to Traditionalists ~ Month of the Precious Blood

Obviously Bishop Williamson’s restoration following are ecstatic over Bishop Fellays demise. Whether or not this will bring the two groups together remains to be seen. Most likely,  the new superior Father Davide Pagliarani, will cancel the negotiations with Rome, for now. Unfortunately this could hurt the Sede Vacantes who have gotten some of the SSPX people who left because of Bishop Fellays negotiations with (pope) Francis. For the most part, I would say that most of the SSPX people are relieved over the anxiety that Bishop Fellay was causing among themselves.

What can we expect from (pope) Francis? Hopefully he will panic and step up his campaign for the ultimate grand agenda for the universal inter-faith gathering in Jerusalem. This has to take place before Christ can come back. What’s promising is that as long as (pope) Francis is in power I doubt that SSPX will have anything to do with him and knowing Francis it’s ditto for sure.
Hopefully again, I have shed some light on the reasoning of these events and welcome all Traditionalists to do more soul searching in obtaining the facts of the Status of the Church today by visiting my web site and go to the categories which are pertinent to the out come of our lives.
Grave be with you, in Christ, Joseph