We must stop Bill AB 2943!

We must stop Bill AB 2943! State Senate voting on odious bill that would make Christian counseling illegal.
Dear MassResistance Activist:

The California State Legislature is at it again.

They want to hurt your children, they want to hurt suffering adults, and they want to take away their right to live life freely and in good health.

The LGBT Hate Machine will stop at nothing until they have captured our youth in their trap to push their destructive worldview on everyone.

Their latest bill, AB 2943, would ban any form of conversion therapy for individuals struggling with gender dysphoria or same-sex attraction.

The title could not be more misleading or provocative: AB-2943 Unlawful business practices: sexual orientation change efforts.

Here’s the link to read the text of the bill.

The evidence could not be clearer.

Homosexuality is destructive. It shortens the human lifespan by 20%. The prevalence of venereal disease among homosexuals and transgenders is incalculable. Suicide rates skyrocket among children and adults who are caught up in this immoral anarchy.

If anything is abusive, it would be preventing children from receiving reparative therapy.

What’s worse, many people who struggle with their sexual attraction or gender identity have been terribly molested. Banning conversion therapy not only prevents young children from getting the help that they need, but would protect the perverts, predators, and pedophiles who have preyed on these victims

What’s worse, this legislation will:

1. Prevent pastors from assisting children individuals in their congregation

2. Threaten the livelihood of medical professionals

3. Put parents at risk of losing custody of their children

4. Essentially ban the Bible and other literature which discourages homosexuality and transgenderism

There’s More Bad News ….

The California State Assembly has already passed this terrible bill.

And now it’s in the State Senate.

The Senate Floor can cast the final vote on this awful bill, then send it to the Governor for his signature.


It is essential that we do everything possible to stop this travesty.


HERE is a list of every member in the California State Senate.

1. Call each one of their offices, and tell them to “Vote NO! on AB 2943!”

2. Send them an email telling them to oppose AB 2943 (Here is an email template you can use.)

We will be planning visits to their offices, in their districts and at the state house, in the next week, so stay tuned!

We have determined that these ten Democratic State Senators will be most likely to abstain on the bill or vote against it on the State Senate Floor:

1. Beth-Jackson, Hannah

2. Bradford, Steve

3. Dodd, Bill

4. Hernandez, Ed

5. Hueso, Ben

6. Levya, Connie

7. Mitchell, Holly

8. Portantino, Michael

9. Roth, Richard

10. Stern, Henry

Please email me if you are able to go to your state senator or any of the above state senators’ district offices or if you can visit any of their offices in the state capitol in Sacramento:


WE ARE PLANNING A VISIT TO State Senator Michael Portantino’s office in Glendale for Friday, August 10th, 2018 at 11:00am. Constituents have already arranged a visit to his office. We need as many people who live in his district to join us at his office.

The California State legislature has until August 31st to pass any legislation to go to the Governor’s Desk. That date is a hard deadline, and the state legislature cannot waive rules to change it. The State Senate meets for floor votes every Monday and Thursday, and then they will meet every day during the final week of August. We can stop this bill, but we need everyone calling their state senators and the state senators on the list above multiple times.

Remember, MassResistance stopped similar bad legislation assaults before, and we can do so again.

In Massachusetts, one of the most pro-LGBT states in the union, MassResistance stopped the legislature from passing a conversion therapy ban for minors. Let’s stop AB 2943 in the Golden State. WE CAN DO THIS!

Let’s stop this LGBT rot before it starts! Let’s protect freedom, family, and faith in the state of California.

—Arthur Schaper

Director, California MassResistance