We are one year farther away from baptism & one year closer to the testimonial judgment day week at the close of Pentecost

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Examine 2018 before our New Years Resolutions

It is always prudent to examine our past as we start off the New Year.

Were we judgmental before knowing all of the facts?

Were we aware that foolishness is sinful?

How much gossip were we involved in?

Were we honest with ourselves in 2018?

How much charity did we express among Catholics?

Did we show our love of the truth?

Did we put private revelation above the deposit of Faith?

What did we do to help the Faith and foster Unity last year?

Did we check the reliability of a story before forwarding it to others?

As 2018 ends remember we are one year closer to Our Death and one year closer to Christ’s return on  Pentecost Sunday, Saturday in the west.

O Eternal Father, after having thanked Thy infinite bounty for Thy exceeding benefits in the past, we humbly implore pardon for our manifold sins and negligence’s, for the time we have consumed and wasted in vanities and in things that profit not unto salvation, and for the woeful want of correspondence with Thy graces which we have so habitually manifested.
But filled with confidence in Thy mercy, so lavishly displayed in a multitude of ways, we ask Thy blessing upon our good purposes and resolutions. For now we renew the sacred promises we made in Baptism, when we first became Thy children and heirs of the heavenly kingdom, and we renounce Satan with all his works and pomp’s.
Firmly convinced that the salvation of our immortal souls is the one great business of life, the purpose for which we have come into the world, we solemnly resolve for the future not only to do all in our power to avoid every grievous sin in thought, word, and deed, but also to shun every unnecessary occasion that might imperil our souls. We further resolve to fulfill with greater exactness and fidelity the duties of our progress in things spiritual, to be more devoted to holy Mass, to receive the Sacraments more frequently, and to pray more often and more fervently.
Bless, O my God, these good resolutions which we offer to Thee at this, the threshold of a new year. Give us Thy precious grace and make us truly wise. The days and years of our life are passing so swiftly away. Help us, in Thy mercy, to utilize them, as we ought to do, for Thy greater honor and glory, for the good of our neighbor, and for our sanctification. The night cometh in which no man can work longer; soon, at best, we shall have to appear before Thee to render an account of our stewardship. May we then be found worthy to receive from Thee that divine welcome: “Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord.

Taken from, “Blessed Be God.”
Grace be with you for the New Year.
In Christ, Joseph