We apologize for lack of photos and thank you for your patience and prayers.

Two weeks ago, April 27, 2017, Catholicendtimetruths was attacked by hackers. Not once, but twice. Fortunately they were only able to take down the front page.

However, struggling to get everything back into place, there was a second attempt. The hacker was able to dissolve years of photo’s.

Thank You God for little favors, they were unable to destroy the content.

We now moved the page to a new server, changed all passwords and are readjusting, trying hard to locate, download and reinstall files. Thank you for your patience.

FWI – One of our first posts was April 3, 2013 – The only thing we know about the hacker was he/she was from Brazil. 

Yours truly, Catholicendtimetruths.com