Was President Carter Joseph Kennedy’s SON


Well crazy as this sounds, I first heard the rumor around the late 70’s? There was this Traditional Catholic publication called “The Spark” I can’t remember the editors name but that he was a CIA operative in Vietnam during the war. I think from Arizona. He stated in his publication that Carters Mother Lillian was Joseph Kennedy’s secretary when he had a brokerage firm in New York. She got pregnant from Joe ran off to Georgia and got married. Jimmy Carter came from nowhere and became Governor of Georgia then President.

I heard him remark once that he reflects Jack more than the others, but can’t find it any where. I found this article on the internet that backs what the Spark’s editor said. If you look at the pictures of Jack Jimmy and his brother below, Jim is more a reflection of Jack then Billy. About 25 years or so I wrote the news media on this and got no reply. I remember even writing Jimmy and asked him the question but no reply. I bring this up now because Jimmy just recently remarked to the news media that President Trump never won the election. People who live in Glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. STORY

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