Vatican Archbishop Marcinkus Wanted for Murder — and JPII Knew

archbishop paulWednesday, April 20, 2005 1:57 PMNewchurch Archbishop Paul Marcinkus with His Protector, JPII
Wanted for Questioning by International Authorities for Murder
JPII Hid Him out in the Vatican and Gave Him a Diplomatic-Immunity Passport

Newchurch Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, one of the most notorious figures in the history of Newvatican, is alive and well, absconded just outside of Phoenix. Marcinkus was president of the Vatican Bank from 1971 to 1989. And who hid him? First of all, the late pope JPII, whose reign was riddled with scandal.

It is becoming more and more clear that JPII was far from a “saint,” but actually suborned sex crimes, embezzlement from the Church, and possibly even murder, certainly by his silence if not by aiding and abetting the crimes himself.

In the mid 1980s, Italian authorities tried to arrest Archbishop Marcinkus in connection with a stunning array of crimes, including assassination financing, arms smuggling, and trafficking in stolen gold, counterfeit currencies and radioactive materials. Italian authorities also wanted to talk to Marcinkus regarding what he knew about numerous murders. Through the late 1970s and early 1980s, almost every key player involved in schemes with Marcinkus ended up dead. A journalist investigating Marcinkus, the Vatican Bank, and their ties to the mob also was murdered at the time.

But JPII engaged in obstruction of justice by preventing the Italian police from interviewing or arresting Marcinkus. JPII personallly sheltered Marcinkus in the Vatican City State, protecting him for seven years with Vatican City’s sovereign immunity, an immunity granted to the Vatican in 1929 by Dictator Benito Mussolini. What did Marcinkus know that JPII was so afraid of becoming public knowledge? Hmmm.

Now the 80-year-old Marcinkus performs the Novus Ordo service at churches within the Diocese of Phoenix, with the full knowledge of now ex-Newchurch Bishop Thomas O’Brien, as investigators around the world continue to fight Marcinkus’ Vatican immunity. Italian prosecutors have wanted to pursue new legal avenues to finally force Marcinkus to tell what he knows about the Vatican Bank’s links to mob money during the 1970s and 1980s.

Marcinkus still has a Vatican State diplomatic passport, which gives him the same immunity as when he was hiding behind the gates of the Vatican. No cops, let alone plaintiffs’ attorneys, can even approach him. “Marcinkus is a crook, a criminal, a man who in the normal world would have served a long prison sentence for his part in a whole array of financial crimes,” says British author David Yallop, who wrote about Marcinkus’ myriad scandals in his famous 1984 book In God’s Name. “What saved him from justice? The Vatican.”

Ex-Bishop O’Brien, of the Phoenix Newchurch Diocese, had no problem harboring men even the nation’s most notoriously unconscionable cardinal found abhorrent. Why not? O’Brien himself killed a man in a hit-and-run incident and tried to conceal the crime, of which he was convicted. And JPII and Newvatican wanted him to remain as bishop, until the Phoenix Novus Ordo leaders rose up and told the Apostolic Delegate in Washington, D.C., to tell the pope in no uncertain terms that if O’Brien stayed, he could kiss collections and “Mass” attendance good-bye. So “Killer” O’Brien went, under Newvatican’s protests.

Testimony by known Mafiosi in the last decade has continually linked Marcinkus to money-laundering of Mafia cash and other illicit moneys through the Vatican Bank. “Marcinkus is the key to so many things,” Carlo Calvi said. “But nobody can get to him.” And Archbishop Marcinkus is fine with that. And ex- Bishop O’Brien was fine with that. And JPII was fine with that. So much “moral authority” doing nothing moral in this case.

Another issue about which Marcinkus has never spoken was the d

eath of John Paul I. In the early stages of his 33 days as pope, John Paul I, Albino Luciani, promised a thorough investigation of the growing scandal involving Marcinkus and the Vatican Bank. John Paul I wanted Marcinkus removed immediately from his position with the Vatican Bank. But days before that was to happen, John Paul I died in his bed from what was officially described as an accidental overdose of medication. The pope’s body was embalmed that same day, a bizarre breach of protocol that also meant no autopsy could be performed to determine if poison might have been the cause of death. John Paul I’s death was the most fortuitous death in Marcinkus’ career. Marcinkus kept his position with the Vatican Bank until he was run out of Italy a decade later.

Meanwhile, Marcinkus poses as a fully-initiated member of the Modernist “Church of Love” to Phoenixians, who do not know of his past. He is a Jekyll-and-Hide character, typical of Newchurch, which poses as “loving” and “Catholic,” while it harbors rapists and murderers. Such is the Church left us by JPII. No wonder Newchurch is going to rush him through as a “Presto saint” without a full investigation! [Phoenix New Times