V/W Beetle production will end in 2019 – Automotive News My company, tears for the Beetle.

My company, tears for the Beetle.
This was my company folks. Volkswagen of America, Western division. The new Beetle was designed in Our designed center in Simi Valley, California. It brought people back to our show rooms at the time when we came out with the Jetta, Golf, and the Passat.
It was the best place I ever worked.  Started in 1974 as a shipping clerk, lead man, shop steward and even did some truck driving for them. 18 wheeler, no less.  Once I got my 25 years in I decided to take an early retirement in May 1999 to get more active in the Traditional Catholic Movement. This worked out for me as I was able to give my first public lecture in Burbank, California on November 6, 1999. My subject was on “The Great Apostasy.” One well known noted speaker was Father Gregorius Hesse, from Austria. RIP.