True or False Pope by John Salza and Robert Siscoe

hqdefaultTrue or False Pope? is the most thoroughly researched, detailed and systematic refutation of Sedevacantism that exists, (so they think), and represents the most cogent defense of the Papacy and Church against their specious arguments. In this 700 page tome, John Salza and Robert Siscoe present material from Popes (?)  (So do Sede Vacantists) The book True or False Pope states that Vatican II was not Ex Cathedra nor infallible because they did not define anything as “dogma that is divinely revealed.” The book also states that in order for the church to be infallible on a given teaching, the church must claim it is teaching infallibly. (?)
In regards to Paul VI, none of the Cardinals public-ally declared him guilty of formal heresy. The book says that is required before losing office.

In responding to these two Doctors and Saints of the New Church, John Salza and Robert Siscoe they start off with a bogus title on their Book. There is no such thing as a True Pope or False Pope. Your either the Pope an Anti-pope or the Anti-Christ. True the church teaches that the Anti-Christ would most likely be a false pope, but the true definition would be a pope pretender because the AntiChrist would be Anti-Christian and turn the institutional church into a Schismatic state. If this sounds confusing, it’s only because Catholics fail to realize that the Anti-Christ will be accepted by the majority of the main stream religions, (Catholics, Protestants, Jews & Muslims, Etc.) as a CHRIST like person and the faith-full will be reduced-ed to the Remanent few. So if the sede vacantists are wrong, how is it that all of the major religions are flocking to become part of today’s Roman church?

So,these guys are just splitting hairs. Every approved general Council has to have the rank of Ex Cathedra even in the ordinary form, because it goes out to the whole Church.The Vatican Council II goes out to the whole Church, ALL CATHOLICS have to accept it. So any teaching that goes out to the whole church has to be infallible. Look up the definition of Ex Cathedra. Also a Cardinal is just a Bishop or priest selected to vote for a Pope. Many of the Bishops have condemned Paul VI. Even Archbishop Lefebvre called him the AntiChrist or Rome the seat of AntiChrist. Also if you look up Infallibility you will find “that if a Pope were to break Infallibility he would automatically be excommunicated. NO FORMAL sentence of disposition would be required.” So stated. Also they ignore other Church teachings. The Bible is part of the Deposit of faith it cannot contain any heresy.. The new Bibles were approved and commission by these V-2 popes. The American Bible was put together by Greeks and Catholics and contain Heresy. One big one is they changed a virgin shall conceive to a young women is with child. This was done to satisfy the Jews and Muslims. This makes Jesus just another prophet and Mary not a Virgin. The Greeks don’t believe in the Immaculate Conception and use the King James Bible.
Also no council can contradict a past council. The V 2 council teaches that you can be saved in any religion and that the catholic church is not the only means of salvation. This goes against two previous councils.(# 9 NOSTRA AETATE # 10 Religious Liberty) Now were not even discussing the Sacramental and the disciple changes.The new rite of Holy Orders & mass has been condemned by ALL of the Traditional Fathers. Not to mention the TABLE they have for mass. You have a table for dinner an Altar for a Sacrifice.
As for myself and many others, we put all these V-2 popes in the Bible as the AntiChrists and no one can prove otherwise.
When Paul VI refuted the complaints of the faithful along with the “Ottaviani Intervention,” on Nov. 19, 1969, he became officially , automatically excommunicated. As a result, Paul VI became the “Man of Sin.”in the BIBLE and brought us into “the Great Apostasy.” All the rest are just in the reign of AntiChrist. The no pope no church people are in denial of this truth.
If you look up the meaning of AntiChrist in a Catholic Encyclopedia, preferably in the early 1900’s, in all their definitions, they conclude he most obvious would be a False Pope. A Christ against Christ.The first TRUE AntiChrist was Caiphas the HIGH PRIEST. The term means “a God against a God.”
What could be more Obvious than the Book of the Apocalypse Chapter 18: 4-5 which reads. Go out from her My Children…for her sins have reached (even) into Heaven.”  Heaven on earth is the Mass and the Church, HELLO. And this is only one of many passages which condemn the New Church.

My dear fellow Catholics, the Truth and the Facts go together, Opinion and Ambiguity go together. Ask yourself which two Satan supports. I have said over and over again, that If I could take this debate into a civil court of Law against ANYBODY I would win hands down. But my friends all of these False Prophets know that, so they can and will say anything they want to as long as they don’t upset their Hypocrite Leaders. The sede vacantists have the real and true cross. The Apostles were in fact, the first sede vacantists when they rejected the Chair of Moses and accepted the teachings of Jesus Christ. The truth and the facts speak for themselves. The Lord made it very clear that these AntiChrists will be revealed and that there would be no excuses for accepting them and their new Church. For it is written.

“He deceived those who ACCEPTED the mark of the Beast and who worshiped its Image. Apoc. 19:20
The faithful will not be deceived because they will not accept these AntiChrists as Christs..

Grace be with you, In Christ, the real Prophet, Joseph