Tradition in Action & Our Lady of Good Success

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There is no such thing as NEW Divine Revelation.

All of the prophecies of the Bible in regards to the Great Apostasy, End Times and the AntiChrists all point to the Vatican II Council and these V-2 popes. So Our Lady of Good Success can’t tell us anything new. Only difference is we now know there names.

Why didn’t Our lady tell us that the Rev. Billy Graham was the main false prophet in the Bible who worked with John Paul II for the new religion?Again, the only thing NEW is we now know their NAMES.
Pope John XXIII who opens up the gates of hell, Apoc. 9.  Paul VI becomes the “Man of Sin,”  John Paul I, gives us the TWO HORNS, Apoc. 13. (John & Paul horns of prophets). John Paul TWO has a grievous wound afflicted on him and lives  Apoc. 13-14…..Ratzinger (Anti Christ # 4) outsmarted us by not following in John Paul III, in taking Benedict XXVI but is the one who clashes with the Jews, Apoc:17:16  with Williamson, SSPX and the 62 Missal and now Francis who should take now, all the EQUAL religions to Christ’s Church to Jerusalem , if he lives that long.

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In Christ, Joseph B.D. Saraceno