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It saddens me to have to write this letter, but obviously you are either ignorant or don’t care about the Greatness of this Country.
The United States has the best judicial system in the world. It came from, not just the founding Fathers but from one of the Greatest Presidents who ever lived, Abraham Lincoln. Union soldiers shed their blood, not just for blacks but for all Americans so we could be free from tyranny and have justice under the law.

You protesters, on the other hand have a warped understanding of justice. You are in fact supporting criminal behavior to the point where they chose to resist lawful authority in the commission of a crime that lawful authority should not in turn use force to subdue the criminal. To add insult to injury your doing it on the job, a profession that’s partially paid for by American tax payers.
That flag you refuse to salute is saluted today by all of the confederate relatives of the civil war and all of the Americans who shed their blood in every war, for the most part, whether they approved of that war or not.
When you look in the mirror in the morning, ask yourself if your black white or American. If not American, then you don’t belong in this country.
Donald J. Trump
Many people booed the players who kneeled yesterday (which was a small percentage of total). These are fans who demand respect for our Flag!

Donald J. Trump
The issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race. It is about respect for our Country, Flag and National Anthem. NFL must respect this!


Donald J. Trump
So proud of NASCAR and its supporters and fans. They won’t put up with disrespecting our Country or our Flag – they said it loud and clear