To the Remnant Newspaper

newspaper-iconTo the Remnant Newspaper,

These Vatican II popes are not manifest heretics as you claim. They are Apostates. Paul VI became a Formal, Public Heretic, Which means ex-cathedra. That is instituting heretical church teaching from a council which contradicts previous councils. “Salvation in other Religions, for ONE.”  When Paul VI refuted the complaints of the faithful along with the “Ottaviani Intervention,” on Nov. 19, 1969, he became officially , automatically excommunicated. As a result, Paul the VI became the “Man of Sin.” and brought us into “the Great Apostasy.” All the rest are just in the reign of AntiChrist. The Remnant is in denial of this truth.

If you look up the meaning of AntiChrist in a Catholic Encyclopedia, preferably in the early 1900’s, in all their definitions, they conclude he most obvious would be a False Pope. A Christ against Christ

What could be more Obvious than the Book of the Apocalypse Chapter 18: 4-5 which reads. Go out from her My Children…for her sins have reached (even) into Heaven.”  Heaven on earth is the Mass and the Church, HELLO.
In Christ, Joseph
# 9 Nostra Aetate   # 10 Religious Liberty & Catholic BIBLE