This is what cultism does to Catholics and it’s the Fathers who are to blame

S_Alexey_Gotovskiy_CNASubject: A Responds to my email on: “Francis meets with SSPX”

One good thing about this Joseph is that it will prove once and for all that the Society of St. Pius X, and Rome were all along
in league with one another. This could possibly have a good out come for the undecided of the Society and the Novus Ordo who might have problems with some of the new radical view points of Rome causing them to seek more conservative places of worship for both parties concerned. I do agree with the time factor being very short.

I fear that there was a prophesy made by St. Francis of Assisi that stated something like this: That the end will be very near when there are two popes living. Now from what I understand Ratzinger did not resign as per the Code of Canon Law. So, in essence he is still the Pope. Also Malachi Martin warned that when a Jesuit sits on the Throne of Peter, it is all over. There are so many factors that are coming into play both in the Church and in the world that are following the Predictions of Our Lady of La Salette to a tea. “When the Church goes, so goes the world.” The church has prostituted the Faith, the country has prostituted the constitution. The priesthood has become polluted as per Christ to St. Thomas of the Apocalypse first century, and the leaders of the country have followed suit.

Wal-Mart has closed over 169 stores throughout America, and is lying why they closed them. They have been turned into detention centers under Fema with tunnels to herd the people into slave camps. While America is closing Churches, and opening halls to accommodate the masses of the new world religion with no denomination, thus spreading a universal ideology devoid of anything remotely Catholic.

Yes, it is very close and perhaps the 100th anniversary of Fatima will start the drums rolling. It appears we are in the end times as likened to the days of Noah. Perhaps the three days of darkness will have something to do with all the chaos in store for the world. Oh well, if they read the book? the outcome is harsh, but in the end good trumps evil, and Christ reigns Supreme.
Take care Joseph and thanks for all the information.

Hope you had a blessed and joyful Easter.

Now this is what the Bible and the Church teaches. You can see why most Traditional Catholics are divided and confused.

These four things have to happen first before Christ can come back.

The date setting of Easter in April,
The establishment of a papal presence in Jerusalem WITH the gathering of the world religions,
The Great Biblical Chastisement, (The faithful will be protected from the fire)
The killing & the resurrection of the two witness,  then His return on Pentecost Sunday.