This is the Dogmatic position of the Sede Vacantist

lateran-angelNo Pope No Church Thesis ~ 6-30-11 Com. St. Paul St. Peter    Revised

This is the  Dogmatic position of the Sede Vacantist Catholics ~ 4-10-16  2nd Sunday of Easter

Dear friends of the FAITH:

The Vatican Council  (1869), which defined Papal infallibility & Perpetual successors in the Papacy, makes it clear by the Church that there can never be a break in the line of successors of  Peter (and there never has been beyond death or resignation). Also under Infallibility in the 1912 Catholic Encyclopedia  it states “…were a pope to become a public heretic, i. e., were he PUBLICLY and OFFICIALLY to teach some doctrine clearly opposed to what has been defined as de fide catholic. But in this case many theologians hold that NO formal sentence of deposition would be required; as by becoming a PUBLIC (meaning formal) HERETIC the POPE would ipso facto CEASE to be POPE. This however, is a hypothetical case which has NEVER ( up untill 1912) actually occurred; even the case of Pope Honorius, were it proved that he taught the Monothelite heresy, would not be a case in point.” pg.799

So in the current issue with the Vatican II Council and  these Popes, starting with Paul VI,  who by signing the heretical doctrinal and pastoral decrees became unofficially a Public Formal Heretic. He became officially a Public Formal Heretic on November 19, 1969 when he publicly denounced the Cardinal “Ottaviani Intervention.” and I might add all and everyone else who pleaded for him to stop. And if this isn’t enough my friends, these same people added in their attack of the DEPOSIT OF FAITH by corrupting the SACRAMENTS and the HOLY BIBLE by even going so far as to question the Virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary..

So when anyone says that we have had many Anti-popes in the past history of the church. As does Father Athanasius does in the issue of the March 2016 of the Four Marks paper, Or any of the other sede vacante Fathers, they are in denial that none of these Anti-Popes were ever Formal Public Heretics and as a matter of fact, mostly all remained  CATHOLIC with one later becoming a POPE and another a SAINT, St. Hippolytus.

These Fathers who take these positions are in denial of the ONLY justifiable position for the sede vacantist  position which comes in accepting the Church’s thesis under Anti-Christ as written about in the Catholic Encyclopedia (1912). In quoting Cardinal Newman, “If any part of the Church be proven to be Anti-Christian, all of the Church is so.” So, my friends, since the V-2 Church is Anti CATHOLIC then it’s popes have to be the “ANTICHRISTS.” There is no other doctrinal explanation on this matter and the Scriptures make it very clear that once the AntiChrists take over the “Chair of Peter” they  posses it until Christ comes back and the Church teaches that Christ only comes back for the GENERAL TESTIMONIAL JUDGMENT and the END of this WORLD.

I judge the Roman See to be Vacant, Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc Munich, 2-25-1982

Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph

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