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A Catholic Traditionalist Conservative Newsletter Journal – 1977

LEFEBVRE SUSPENDS SCHEDULED ORINATIONS AFTER VILLOT’S ‘WARNING’—–The Ordinations of 8 seminarians at Econe, slated for Feb. 2, were ‘adjourned sine die’. The ‘adjournment’ came on the heels of a letter sent by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Villot warning the world’s Bishops not to take the responsibility for Archbishop Lefbvre’s seminarians, nor to grant them Demissorials.

According to Abbe De Nanetes’ La Contre Reforme  [France]: “On the eve of the ordinations someone let it be known that if the ordinations went ahead the excommunications would fall…both on the deacons and their Father [Lefebvre]” 

De Nantes, with whom the VOICE disagrees on many things, then raises a point with which no one can disagree: If Archbishop Lefebvre is no longer to ordain his seminarians what will he do? Of what value will his seminary be? And who will enter it when it no longer offers any future?” This postponement of the ordinations brings into play one of the flaws of the present thinking of Lefebvre about which the VOICE has expressed dark forebodings on many previous occasions. It is a flaw that is also evident in his suicidal (there is no other word) tactic of placing the disposition of his case completely up to the legal machinery of the Paul VI ‘church’; he has the absolutely vain hope that the Vatican appeals-systers will in the end vindicate his ‘reactionary’ Catholic orthodoxy. That this is a forlorn hope on his part is agonizingly clear on two grounds: 1) All Offices and instruments of the Paul VI ‘church’ are controlled by Paul VI and none of them will ever rule against what Paul has already decided. 2) All Catholic orthodoxy is a priority condemned by the Paul VI ‘church’ as ‘against the spirit of Vatican Council II and the post-conciliar Church’.

In all of Archbishop Lefebvre’s talks and writings, (and most of them are otherwise heartening and inspiring to true Catholics), he has never once indicated an awareness of the two granite-like realities just enunciated above. He has never admitted that it is Paul VI and the whole ‘Church’ which Paul and his henchmen have usurped who are his real enemies. Not the vague entity of the ‘Modernists’, which he so rails against. The Vatican-ensconced usurpers, including Paul VI, are not only ‘Modernists,’ they are a host of other things; but mainly they are a friend to anyone who is an enemy of the True Church and they are an enemy to anyone who is a loyal member of the True Church. And any loyal member of the True Church who goes to them for ‘justice’ is on a fool’s errand.

DE NANTES: ‘EXCOMMUNICATION NOW FACES LEFEBVRE’—–Writing further in his review,  La Contre Reforme, the French priest Abbe De Nantes declares: “It has been true for months and years now, yet everyone has refused to believe it, that it is the Sovereign Pontiff, Paul VI himself, who wishes the death of the Fraternity of St. Pius X and the seminary founded by Archbishop Lefebvre, which flourishes because it is not in line with Vatican II and does not accept the reform which is the great idea of the present Pontificate….But now there can be no more doubt.

The third letter of the Pope’s (demanding Lefebvre’s personal submission t him, Paul VI, and to the full implementation of the ‘teachings’ of Vatican II) is a summons. Rome has spoken: it is now submission or excommunication.”

De Nantes points out that “the threat is all the more telling” because of the the Vatican’s recent excommunication of Archbishop Ngo Din Thuc and the bishops he ‘illicitly’ consecrated at Palmar De Troya in Spain. Writes De Nantes: “There has never been anything like it since VIIth Century when Jacques Boradaic tried to reconstitute the dissident Syrian Church. But that excommunication was the preparation for others to follow. The margin for maneuver (By Lefebvre) is henceforth limited in the extreme. It is like the jaws of a monstrous trap closing in on its prey: either Lefebvre must submit to the destruction of all his good work at Econe or be excommunicated.” We agree with Abbe De Nantes’ assessment of the situation. We see only three possible outcomes to the Lefebvre-Econe Affair. The first two, either of which will destroy Lefebvre, are : 1) Lefebvre, faced with the direct threat of excommunication, will capitulate to Paul VI and Vatican II: 2) A ‘deal’ will be worked out between Paul VI and Lefebvre where by Lefebvre will ‘modify’ his adherence to the True Mass, in effect giving it up for the ‘New Mass’, and cease criticism of Vatican II. The third possibility, which we believe is the only one which can save him for the True Church, is to go bravely ahead with Econe, ordain his priests, ignore Paul VI and his ‘new church’ and treat any actual ‘excommunication’ with utter disdain as the worthless an meaningless piece of paper that it is. One of the holiest badge of merit the recently deceased Father Saenz carried to his grave was the ‘excommunication’ by his traitorous bishop.

THROUGH THOSE ‘OPEN WINDOWS’—–pushed up Jolly John XXIII to let ‘fresh air’ into the Church: more gruesome scandal and hideous murder: a nun charged with the murder of a baby boy born to her in her convent-room. She is 36 year old Sister Maureen Murphy of Our Lady of Lourdes Convent in Brighton (near Rochester) N.Y. 

Sister Maureen had been director of the Trinity Montessori school in nearby Pittsford. Brighton police charge that she gave birth unattended April 27 and choked the newborn infant by stuffing a piece of clothing in his mouth. (NC). Having read all the local news reports and heard all the TV coverage of this grisly affair, the VOICE never once read aor heard that the nun evinced the slightest remorse. Indeed, she claims that she is ‘innocent’, despite the fact that the County Medical examiner stated that she was “almost dead from loss of blood”, that she discharged a placenta, and that doctors told the nuns who escorted her to the hospital, that she had just given birth. The nun denied even that she had given birth. The medical examiner stated that the murdered infant found in the nun’s room had been born alive.

THE ECUMANIACS—–A brochure on Confirmation recently issued by St. Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral in El Paso, TX, should put to rest forever any lingering doubs you may have that Paul VI ‘Church’ bears any resemblance to the true Church founded by Jesus Christ. In the brochure St. Patrick’s lists the ‘stipulations for those intending to be Confirmed on June 6, 1976. It is required that those desiring to be Confirmed must attend 4 classes. One of these classes, Sunday, May 23, will” “Attend worship services at St. Clement Episcopal Church.” Another class, on Friday, May 28, is listed thusly: Attend worship services at B’Nai Zion Jewish Synagogue at which the theme will be: ‘Judaism. Our Common Heritage’. Following this there will be a group discussion with Rabbi Herman of M’Nai Zion on Jewish beliefs and practices.” Printed below the schedule of classes is this: “Again we wish to emphasize that attendance at these classes for parishioners of St. Pat’s who whish to be Confirmed in obligatory.”

VATICAN SELLS OUT ANTOHER CHUNK OF THE DEPOSIT OF FAITH TO MUSLIMS—–A Vatican delegation of priests and theologians, present at the ‘Islamic Christian Dialogue’ held in Tripoli in February, approved a document of ’24 Declarations’ issuing from the Conference. Three of the Declarations are: 1) “The two sides affirm their belief in God, the Only One; 2) Both sides honor all prophets and apostles in all revealed religions; 3) To effect, real cooperation between the Muslims and Christian worlds the two parties recommend the cessation of all endeavors aimed at diverting Muslims from their beliefs by Christians, or to divert Christians in their beliefs by Muslims.” (from the The Link, publ. by Americans for Middle-east Understanding)—–This agreement, of course, attested to by Vatican signatories, is a denial of the Holy Trinity, a denial of Our Savior Jesus Christ, a denial of Christ’s Teaching that only through the Son can one come to the Father, and a denial of the Cahtolic Teaching that salvation can only be attained by t Communion with the One True Church founded by Fesus Christ, the Second Divine Person of the Holy Trinity.