The reasons why Catholics believe, “No one knows when the End will come.”

In as much as I have written on this before, like for the last 47 years, human beings being what they are, continue to find those loop holes that I figure were not necessary to explain. So once again I will try to give a more in depth explanation of this subject which really started in the 1500’s.
To begin with, we have to go to the first prophecy and sign we have for Christ’s return in St. Paul’s letter 2 Thessalonians when he tells us that the Lord cannot come back until the “Man of Sin” the son of perdition comes into the world. I’m sure that all through the century’s there were lots of people accused of being the Man of Sin or the AntiChrist. Pope Leo X got this distinguish title from Martin Luther.

St. Pope Gregory the Great in 600 decreed that Jesus did know, but that the Lord should not, in accordance with the will of the Father, reveal the moment of the General Judgment to mankind.  However, you know the old story of how, when and where, which applies here. We cannot say that Jesus did not or could not reveal this truth after the Resurrection. But you say, when the Apostles asked the Lord, before He goes to Heaven, in Acts: 1:6, “wilt thou at this time restore the kingdom to Israel? Jesus then says “It is not for you to know the times or dates which the Father has fixed by his own authority.” Now some allude to this statement and apply it to the Second Coming but it’s obvious that it has to do with the physical state of Israel which needs to be reestablishing in the end times to fit in with the reign of the AntiChrist. Another problem here is that 40 or so years later, the Jews in Judea were scattered all over the world with an edit that they were NEVER to return and no one can ever refer to the Holy Land as Israel or Jerusalem anymore. 

Before I continue I would like to post the signs of the second coming of Christ which is given us from the Council of Trent. 1545-63
1.The preaching of the Gospel throughout the world. Done. 2. A defection from the faith. Done by Vatican Council II. 3.The Coming of the AntiChrist, Done with Paul VI. 4. They leave out the return of the phony State of Israel.
Because of this, the Catholic writers thought that there would never be another physical state of Israel and from this point on they began to apply Israel (God’s People) to the Church in meaning and Rome became the new Jerusalem in new biblical explanations or opinions. As a result of this new mind set, the door was opened for preaching the Second Coming of Christ for any time in history. A notable prime example was St Vincent Ferrer and the 3 popes of his time. He probably alluded to one of them as the AntiChrist, ha.
As we all know Divine Revelation did not end with our Lords departure as we have the Trinity revealing more revelations in the Book of the Apocalypse. But first one has to remember when the Apostle’s first asked Our Lord about the times of the end of the world, Sunday had not yet been established and if He is to Come Back on the Lords day it would be the Sabbath in other parts of the world, NO?  So you see it’s a two day arrival time at the same time. So when you have the Trinity revealing  to St. John  the Second Coming of Christ and it’s taking place on the Lord’s Day (middle East time), this is all the proof one needs for the Lord coming back on Sunday. Apocalypse 1:10. Not to mention the Holy Ghost coming down on Sunday as well.
In St. Andrews Bible Missal DDB Publishers 1962-63 under the “Day of the Assembly,”…….On Sunday, the Church is Assembled in the organized manner which Christ enjoined to prepare for the Parousia. (Second Coming)  On Sunday the Church fulfills her vocation and mission in the world.
Then under ” THE DAY OF THE SECOND COMING OF THE LORD”  It states that the early Christians expected that the Lord would come back on Sunday……Sunday is the day of the assembly  which prepares for and prefigures the final assembly of the heavenly Jerusalem.
In my booklet, “The Day of the Lord and the Signs of His Coming,” I state, that after I informed the Fathers of my findings that the Church teaches that Heaven was opened on Ascension Thursday, at first they started preaching it for the first or second year. Not anymore. If confidence is lacking in expressing an obvious known Church teaching, where is the courage going to come from for the exposure of the Day of the General Judgment. While I am on this subject it’s not a general judgment. It’s a general Testimonial, with a general judgment to those here who haven’t been judged.
However,  as I stated above, because the prophecy of the reestablishment of the State of Israel has to take place as the first condition for the Second Coming of Christ was taken away, every Tom, Dick and Harry was preaching the second coming of Christ. As a result the Fifth Lateran Council in 1512-1517 put a ban on DATE setting on Christ’s return without permission from the Vatican or in an emergency from the local ordinary. In 1970 I was not aware of this council but when I found out I asked every Traditional Bishop and priest that I had contact at the time and they all agreed on the principal , “as long as I don’t name the year I’m fine.”. Finally I even got some of these Bishops to give me an Nihil Obstat on these findings.  However we have another problem with the interpretation of the Fifth Lateran Council that these Fathers may not have been aware of but Fathers who were out to undermine my integrity found it useful to use against me, and since these Bishops were not under their jurisdiction anymore, those that gave me there approval did not matter to them. There source was a Theologian named Tanquerey. (1854-1932) In his “Manual of Dogmatic Theology,” He misquotes the Bible, “The end of the World will be unannounced,” and he misquotes Pope Leo X and the Council by saying. “They, (pope & council) forbade anyone’s venturing to assert anything as certain in this matter.” I believe he may have had a hand in getting this teaching in the Baltimore Catechism as well but I can’t prove it. By the way (The makers of Tanquerey Gin) is the same family. Ha.  Back to the issues.
Well guess what? To show you the hypocrisy of these Fathers is when quoting the council they leave out another ban that was instituted which everyone hides, and that is, “They are in no way to presume to preach or declare a fixed time for future evils, or the coming of AntiChrist.”  This means that every Saint, Apparition, etc, that predicted future evils or the coming of AntiChrist is also in violation of this council. This includes, Our Lady of La Salette and Our Lady of Fatima which these same Fathers support in there preaching. Duh??? You see my friends, these Fathers are aware that I have given Catholics 17 Mystery’s of the faith never before reveled in the history of the Church. Of course, without the Vatican II Council, this would have been impossible, the point here is, why do they attack just two of those mysteries? The two on the Second Coming of Christ on Pentecost Sunday and the general judgment lasts a week.  My friends they do so just to get you off the focus of the other 15 mystery’s which they have NO defenses against. The reason they do this is obvious, they want to reverse Vatican Council II and bring restoration to this beautiful fantasy world they live in. What’s even more ludicrous is most of these Fathers are Sede Vacantists. Where is the future Pope going to come from?  Oh but our Lady of Fatima says, In the End my Immaculate Heart will Triumph. Right on, to those who sustain, retain, ALL THE TRUE TEACHINGS OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, which includes those Divine revelations that come from the Apostles and the Fathers of the CHURCH.
In concluding my friends, I just want to explain that I took up my cross in December 1959. I started studying the Bible and learning my Catholic Faith. I made my first banner of Our Lady of the Apocalypse in 1967. I did not find out what was going on at the Vatican II Council until July 1968 and was lucky we had Cardinal McIntyre as he held back on the changes. In December 7 1969 I had a vision which I could not fully explain at the time and suspected that it may have come from Satan. Later I had a second vision on the 29th of December, only this one was easy, the Full Moon.  However it wasn’t until around February 1970 that I realized that the first vision was the Trinity as a Priest doing the consecration. This was telling me which Mass to follow, but I still wasn’t sure until I actually witnessed the changes in early 1971. I notified all the local Religious authorities of what transpired even sent a signed registered letter to pope Paul VI which was returned signed by the Vatican.  Once I joined up with the traditionalists I told all those who were involved and in charge of the movements. Now if anything these visions just helped with what the Bible was telling me and which Mass to follow. So as time went along telling my friends about the visions was hurting me more so then just preaching the Divine TRUTHS that I learned from them, so from that point on I kept them low keyed, however once I got my web site up I give an account of what transpired on the web site (signs & symbols). And believe me you will NEVER believe what I said to who I believe was St. Michael the Archangel on the second visit. Ha, ha ha and:
Woe Woe Woe, to those who go against these Divine Biblical Prophesy’s.
Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph
Note: in checking my web site my vision article most likely got misplaced when we changed servers so I had to re-post it.