The Question of Fire Arms for Public Use

First of all, the 2nd amendment pertaining to the Militia was really replaced by our police forces and the United States Army. 
Secondly, it takes 2/3’s of the states to change a constitutional amendment and that will never happen over this issue. We have gone 242 years without a dictator in the U.S.
All semi automatic assault rifles should be limited to a six bullet clip for public use.
Anyone who has be expelled from school, fired from work, dishonorable discharged  from the military or other similar situations, should automatically be put on a no gun list for 2 years. After that when applying, be on a 30 day review and if determined not a threat to society, be allowed a weapon.
Schools should have at least one qualified licensed teacher for every 10 class rooms with a semi automatic hand gun and a bullet proof vest handy unless all of the above laws are put into effect.
Joseph Saraceno