The Neglect of St. Joseph

Very few Catholics are aware of the fact that devotion, as we know it today was lacking for St. Joseph until a little over 200 years ago. Unfortunately just when his star was reaching the heavens Satan moved in to start he’s deviation by putting his name in the canon of the Mass by pope John XXIII (Apoc. 9).  However God not being blind to Satan’s game plan used another Joseph, (of the Italian band)

Acts 10:1, named Saraceno, a name which comes from the Saracens which means Muslim Arab, to protect and guide the Church in these Apostate times and bring her to the final victory, on that last Pentecost Sunday.
Grace be with you. in Christ, Joseph
In 1889 Pope Leo XIII issued the encyclical Quamquam pluries in which he urged Catholics to pray to Saint Joseph, as the patron of the Church in view of the challenges facing the Church.[54]
The papal states had been tumbled; the fathers of the First Vatican Council forced home. Rome was occupied; the Pope commenced the long Vatican captivity. On the surface, prospects appeared bleak for the papacy. In reality, things were not nearly so bad as they seemed.
He who had preserved Christ himself from the designs of a wicked Herod still stood prepared to protect Christ’s Vicar from the plots of a wicked world. When things appeared at their worst, Pope Pius IX acceded to the desires of the faithful and various members of the First Vatican Council, and invoked the powerful protection of the guardian of the nascent Church, Joseph of Nazareth.

On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception that year, all Italy was invited to offer up Holy Communion for the Pope. Dec. 8, 1870, was Catholic Italy’s day of prayer for the see of Peter. And Peter’s heir seized the occasion to perform a great act of his apostolic authority. In the great Roman basilicas he published the decree Quemadmodum Deus declaring St. Joseph patron and protector of the universal Church.

Sixteen years earlier, to the day, the same Pope had officially opened a great Marian era by defining Mary’s Immaculate Conception. Now he opened a proportionately great era honoring her life’s companion, Joseph. The Church has been on a search ever since then for new ways of honoring her perennial protector. Numerous new forms of devotion to him have resulted. Pius IX himself made Joseph’s feast one of the first class. Leo XIII approved the St. Joseph Scapular and penned the encyclical letter Quamquam pluries on devotion to St. Joseph.

The Litany of St. Joseph was endorsed for public use by Pope St. Pius X. Benedict XV sanctioned a proper preface in Joseph’s honor and added his invocation to the Divine Praises.

Pius XI designated him special protector against Communism.

Pius XII instituted a first class feast of St. Joseph the Worker. Pope after Pope vied with his predecessors in amplifying this cult.