The Mystery of the Church and the AntiChrist

images (23)(This piece was written by Abbey George de Nantes, in May of 1963, just before the death of Pope John XXIII. It makes interesting reading today, particularly when read in conjunction with the article about the revolt of some of the Australian hierarchy. Ed.)
I have been asked whether I think the antichrist is a person or a theory. I am not a prophet nor am I charged with the interpretation of prophesy. It may well be that he is man of Satan who will precede the return of Jesus Christ, that is the meaning of his title antichrist, and this seems to be affirmed by Holy Scripture. But it will also, of necessity, be a mass movement and an ideology of extraordinary power both political and spiritual. We have learned from Our Lord not to tremble before such a prophet, but to hold fast to our faith in Him. As we await the return of our only Saviour “coming on the clouds of heaven just as He ascended there”. The important thing is not to let ourselves be led astray; for the antichrist will seduce Christians themselves and he will thus come close to total victory. A new Christianity updated and transposed. That is to say that he will present himself as a replica of Christ, another Christ, and his doctrine will be presented like a new Christianity, updated and improved, but modeled, nevertheless, on the authentic doctrine to such an extent that the elect themselves will be taken it by it, unless God preserves them from this.

Printed in the “Catholic,” June – July 1999 newspaper   Editor Don McLean of Australia by Instauratio Press which also printed the English version of “Peter, Lovest Thou Me?”
The “Catholic” was later taken over by the Golgoth Monastery in Great Britain. I believe it’s out of print today.