The Lady who sent me a Dozen White Roses on The Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary. RIP

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I happened to reminisce on some of the highlights of my Apostolate 50 plus years service in the Lord.

Many of you should be aware that I publicly announced the second coming of Christ in March 1970 by having it published in a traditional Catholic newsletter called, Veritas. Later I made up an ad exposing the Beast of the Apocalypse along with the second coming and entitled it, “Christ’s return and the Beast of the Apocalypse.” By then, I had already made two banners depicting Apocalypse 12. Our Lady clothed with the Sun, standing on the Moon. Only I used a Red Full Moon and put Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Guadalupe in the center of the moon with twelve crosses around the edges of the Moon as on or like the back of the miraculous medal. St Catherine’s visions helped me with the design. This passage of the Apocalypse alludes to the Church going into the wilderness which I found appropriate inline with what was transpiring as a result of the Vatican II council.

At this time I took it upon myself to do a mailing campaign. Those good old days when a first class stamp was only 3 cents and you could order any phone book free. So what I did was take major cities across the U.S.. Ordering their phone books, picking out Catholic names and mailing around 50 to 100 letters to all theses cities.

As the traditional movement grew, I became aware of more Catholic Newspapers and periodicals to run my ads in. The Maryfathful, The Wanderer, The Remnant and I had an article written in a conservative paper called “The National Educator

Naturally, I was getting quite a lot of mail. One lady from San Bruno California sent for my literature. Eventually, she and I became pen pals. She decided to call and talk and when I explained that I was mailing out letters all over the country. So, she’d send me a a page of 50 stamps, to help me out every so often. Her daughter was a Nun and a principal of a grammar school. Sadly, she ran off with a priest and got married.

Around this time I was working with recently ordained Father Krier who had a chapel and school in Modesto, California. Since Modesto is within reason of San Bruno, I talked her into having Mass in her home. Everything worked out well. She got to meet me, Father and Father’s brother Alex who served Mass and we in turn were introduced to her husband, who by the way, was a probate lawyer and worked for the City of San Francisco, under Joseph Alioto the mayor at the time.

Well to make a long story shorter, being a Joseph, she related me with the Holy family. On the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and being inspired by my good deeds, this wonderful lady decided to send me a dozen white roses over the loss of Our Lady, on this day some 25 years or so ago. I never forgot the look on my wife’s face (Catherine) when the flower man came to the door, whom she started to chase away. When I heard him mention my name, I ran to the door, took the flowers, and was delighted to read her name on the card; From, Elda Tavlian.
I set the arrangement of flowers right next to my Lady Of Fatima Altar and snapped a picture of it, in which I sent straightaway to her.

In this day and age, presently I can’t imagine experiencing any thing like this. Most traditionalists today are lacking in spirit, enthusiasm and charity. They’re locked in a spirit of bitterness and are forever holding onto a corrupt world.

Anyways, to that special lady who was all heart. Elda Tavilian.

Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord and may perpetual light shine upon her, may her soul and all the souls of all the faithful  departed,  through the mercy of God, rest in peace, Amen.